4 Common High Pointe Microwave Problems (Troubleshooting)

High Pointe Microwave Troubleshooting
High Pointe Microwave Troubleshooting

A microwave is a miracle of modern technology. Gone are the times when people had limited the use of microwaves to only heat up their meals. Nowadays, it has been widely used for defrosting, heating, and even cooking food.

It wouldn’t be incorrect to refer to it as the “Jack of All Trades” of kitchen appliances. It is a gadget that adds ease to living in the RV while traveling wherever your heart leads you.

Imagine going on a trip in your RV, and spending quality time there, you will get food for yourself from outside. But what if you’re in a position, where your access to food is limited? To alleviate this tension, many people play it smart and install a microwave in their RV.

It helps them to prepare their food, from getting themselves eggs for breakfast, crisping the soggy snacks, making foam milk for their latte or cappuccino to steaming their vegetables.

High Pointe Microwave – Everything you need to know

High Pointe is a brand of trust. It has become a go-to place for hundreds and thousands of people to get the best microwave for their RVs. The UL/CSA-certified microwaves introduced by High Point are specially designed for RVs.

The user-friendly, tested, and approved microwaves by High Pointe have become its company’s excellent legacy and cause of attraction for millions of customers.

But what if all of a sudden your High Pointe RV microwave stops working? The great conveniences of rapid heating, cooking, and defrosting are gone, and with it your ability to enjoy your food just by warming it up in the microwave.

And to get your best travel partner back, you need to learn about its problem. In today’s article, we’re explaining 4 common problems that could be responsible for your High Pointe RV microwave to stop functioning and will assist you in troubleshooting.

High Pointe Microwave Troubleshooting:

1. Food Getting Burnt

The High Point RV microwave is designed in such a way that it makes the water molecules of food, extremely ignited.

This ignition created energy in the form of heat that warms up the food. In the case of fewer water molecules, the possibility of food getting burnt is maximum.

The chances of food burning can be reduced by following what is instructed in High Point’s manual by taking weight and timings into account. The food may have been burned as a result of your carelessness in heating it for a longer period than recommended.

Food can go from ice cold to blazing hot in a matter of seconds. One negligence can burn it completely.

In case your microwave doesn’t have a thermal cut-out fuse, it won’t be able to distinguish between underheating or overheating, causing the food to get burnt rather than shutting off the microwave entirely on its own.

Microwave Burnt Food

A microwave with a thermal cut-out fuse would be helpful to save your food from burning. As it turns the microwave off, on exceeding a certain heat level.

Some of the items must be prevented from entering the microwave. The microwave’s interior is typically made up of metal, that’s why aluminum foil burns quickly in the microwave.

Paper bags, Plastic bags, Plastic containers, and travel mugs(if it’s not microwave safe) are not so good to be in the microwave, as there are high chances of a spark happening.

A spark can permanently damage your microwave. As soon as you notice a spark occurring inside your microwave, turn it off right away

2. Damaged Part In Microwave

The second most frequent problem is the damaged part or broken component in the microwave. Each component plays a curial role. If the turning plate stops working, it will cause the food not to heat up or cook, or even if it does, the food would be unevenly heated.

This unevenly heated food is lightning a common problem in your microwave. If the plate is completely fine, then the guide-rollers underneath the plate might be damaged.

The innovative and newer High Pointe microwave comes up with a touch-control feature for smooth usage. Applying too much force or exposure to water can badly damage this incredible touch-control panel.

The problem is extremely concerning as one will not be able to enjoy the yummiest food, without a touch-control panel. Microwave with damaged touch-control is true of no use.

Your microwave won’t be able to operate if your press button is not functioning. You will be unable to open or close the door of your microwave. Even if you manage to close the microwave’s door by hand, still the efficiency of its heating will be reduced.

Because it won’t be able for one to completely close its door by hand for a quite long period, and the chance of energy getting wasted in the form of heat is maximized.

Regardless of which part of your High Pointe microwave is damaged, you need to examine it for smooth and easy usage. If it needs to be repaired, get on it as soon as you can. But if a part is completely cracked or damaged, then you should replace that part.

If any fixed part is badly damaged and can’t be replaced, then you have to replace your microwave and purchase a new High Point microwave for yourself and the RV.

3. Keeps Shutting Off

Let’s say you just placed your favorite dish into the microwave and gave it the next 10 minutes to heat or cook. You are waiting for it to heat but you are disappointed to see that your microwave stopped and shut off in the middle of the process.

It is another common issue caused by the microwave. Because the microwave was working when you inserted the food and shut off during the operation, the issue is related to the overheating.

For High Pointe, the safety of the users comes first. This is the reason that their microwaves are designed in such a way that they turn the microwave off if it exceeds a certain heating level for a certain weighted food in a certain period.

The thermal fuse inserted in each of its models, automatically shut it off when the connections become too hot and the food is about to burn.

Microwave Fuse

If the food is still cold, and your microwave has stopped working, despite the time you’ve set for it to stop, there is a sign that your microwave’s door is loosened or it could not be closed well.

Most High Pointe microwaves shut off when the door is opened, and it opens as soon as the time you have has reached.

So, in the case of a loosened door, the microwave considers it as a sign to stop operation. It is a simple problem and can be solved just by tightening the door connections.

High Pointe microwave produces high voltage to charge the magnetron, which emits radio waves. These radio waves enter the food and heat it. If the microwave runs for a few seconds and stops, the high voltage transformer might have gotten a sudden short circuit.

You need to call a professional that can change the transformer immediately. It will cost you a minimum amount of money.

4. Device Not Working

The device not working is another frequent problem that is reported. It means that the device is not functioning at all. The issue might be with the the connections or device’s plug.

Microwave Plug

If you have recently purchased the High Pointe microwave and it’s not working, the wrong connections are probably to blame. However, if you’re concerned about your device’s sudden demise, then the connections may have become loosened.

We are unaware of the device’s internals’ connection, but excessive or overuse of microwave can disrupt its connections. Even if you use it pretty less, still the negligence of the ones using the device can make it dead.

For this, you need to make sure to read High Point’s microwave manual before using it. The High Pointe microwave is built to withstand any vibration that mostly occurs during transportation in the RV.

With heavy use and little maintenance, a microwave can last for seven years or even less. So if you’re an adventurous person and have been visiting some uneven places for a long time with your microwave in RV, then this is the most possible reason for your device’s sudden demise.

RV in uneven place

Sometimes, the device itself reaches its life span time and stops working. Each High Point microwave comes up with a warranty, check out your warranty card, and complains about the device to the Customer Service Center.

Make sure you give them thorough information about the issue. Be clear about the issue and support staff will then present you with an effective solution.

Each High Point microwave comes with a warranty card along with its manual. All High Pointe microwave have a warranty of 12 months (1 year). You can Contact the company at their number or mail written on manual to get a new microwave.

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  1. Good day customer service for High Point Rv Microwave
    We have model EM925RSL-B it suddenly stopped heating up.
    Would there be a fuse to change?
    Hope you can help us out we are in Newfoundland.
    Information below.
    Caren Noseworthy

  2. Just microwave High Point model #EM925AWW glass plate insert not turning and food not heating? RV brand new 2022 Cherokee by Forest River ? Just stopped turning when heating my lunch and food was not even warm?

  3. High Pointe Microwave in 2022 Thor Four Winds RV gets hot and makes noise and produces an excessive amount of water droplets on the inside door and walls of the microwave and takes 2x times longer to cook or heat food. ie. a small TV dinner of 8gms for a 1000 Watts microwave calls for 5 minutes and stir at 3 minutes. But it takes 5 minutes then stir and microwave another 5 minutes.

    Standard kitchen Voltage 120 volts 15 amps. We use only 1 appliance at once with no air conditioner running at the same time.

  4. My new grand design microwave (2023) stopped working day 4. Code on display says”Oz” with a little cup. The unit will not turn on or off with buttons. I have no access to the plug. Disappointed. The rv is parked and has no been traveled in or shaken up at all. I wish there was a reset code? Thanks

  5. When using the convection oven it shuts off before completing the time I’ve put in. Shuts off within ten minutes then if I try to get it going again by putting in temp and time I hit the start button and nothing happens. If I wait a few minutes it will start at a lower temperature.

  6. 2023 Arctic Fox 1150 Truck Camper
    Convection Microwave Model EC028KD7
    Placed food in microwave closed the door and lost power to it and the door latch quit working. Cannot open door and no electrical power to micro now. Circuit breaker is good for the microwave and microwave plug fully inserted. We are on shorepower.

  7. Hi….
    Microwave High Point Model EM925RCW
    Question: Following a mishappening which was pluging the microwave in a higher power than required, caused it to stop working. It won’t start anymore when normally pluged-in. Checked the fuse and it is OK. As a result of this mishappening, what could be the problem and how can I fix it. If you need more details, please feel free to ask. Thanks in advance for you attention. Jean-Marie.


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