3 Common High Pointe Microwave Problems (Troubleshooting)

high pointe microwave troubleshooting
high pointe microwave troubleshooting

Most people decide to go out on trips during their holidays. This lets them feel relaxed and enjoy the outdoors. However, some users want to go out on frequent trips.

These camping enthusiasts have to keep the best equipment with them so that they do not run into any problems. Although, storing all these can be difficult which is why they purchase vehicles like RVs as well.

These have tons of features on them but you can install additional devices to make them even better. High Pointe is a famous brand that manufactures microwaves for RVs and motorhomes.

Considering this, if you want one for your vehicle then this should be your best option. Though, some users have also reported running into problems with the device.

This is why we will be using this article to provide you with some common issues that can be found on a High Pointe Microwave along with its troubleshooting steps.

High Pointe Microwave Troubleshooting:

  1. Food Getting Burnt

While some people might think that a microwave can only be used to reheat stuff. You should note that most newer models that have come out can even be used to bake stuff.

One common problem that users get on their microwave is that the dish they are trying to heat up, grill, cook, or bake is getting burnt. This can be quite annoying as there are tons of things that you can do to fix undercooked dishes.

On the other hand, once your meal has been burnt, you have to throw it away. Before getting into technical stuff, you should note that the High Pointe Microwaves come with tons of configuration options.

These are provided so that the user can adjust the heat and timings when cooking different stuff. You might have not set these up correctly which is why your meals are getting burnt.

Aside from this, some people also tend to follow several recipes at once that can confuse them. Considering this, you should make sure that the heat options and timings being used on your microwave are accurate.

While you can open the device to ensure your meals are heating up properly, this should usually be avoided. This is because opening up the door on your microwave in between will allow all the heat inside it to escape resulting in your dishes being undercooked instead.

  1. Device Not Working

Another common issue that many people have reported with their microwaves is that it is not working. While there is a chance that this might be a problem with your device. You should keep in mind that the error can be from the backend as well.

This usually refers to some issue in your electrical wirings and sockets. The first thing that you should be checking is if your power cord was installed tightly. If it was then you can proceed to test your outlets.

There are two things that you try here. One option is to plug in another appliance and see if it works fine. Alternatively, you can plug in a voltmeter to take readings of your outlet. This is a much better option because using an appliance on a broken socket might burn the device.

If you notice any problems with your outlet then you can use a spare one for the time being. Once you return from your trip, make sure that you get the socket replaced with a new one. You can even do this on your own but taking precautions is essential.

  1. Damaged Part in Microwave

If you have checked the electrical wirings in your device and sockets but your microwave is still not switching on. Then there is a chance that it has a broken or faulty part in it.

Microwaves have tons of moving parts in them which is why it can be almost impossible to narrow down what is causing the error.

This is why instead of trying to open up the device on your own, you should contact High Pointe. The company has a support team that you can tell your problem to in detail.

They should then be able to provide you with a solution. Alternatively, they will ask you to send in the device so that the issue with it can be found.

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