Keystone vs Grand Design: Which One Is Better?

keystone vs grand design
keystone vs grand design

If you are interested in purchasing a recreational vehicle. Then you might have already visited a shop or dealer nearby you. Considering this, you might have noticed how many brands manufacture these vehicles. This makes it extremely hard for users to select one of them out of all the options provided. This is why you must consider your needs before selecting this.

Aside from this, the company you choose must have a good standing. Talking about this, two of the best companies that manufacture these products are Keystone and Grand Design. Both of them are great and you have several models to go for. We will be using this article to provide you with all the information about them so that you can select one of them easily.

Keystone vs Grand Design

Keystone RV

Before purchasing a product, you must know about its company. This can help you out in ensuring how well the vehicle will be. Considering this, Keystone RV is a famous company that is now owned by Thor Industries. All of the products made from Thor are of good quality and users have mostly rated them positive.

This shows how happy their users are. Aside from this, Keystone offers a huge lineup to select from. These range in sizes, shapes, and even the quality used in them. Some of the vehicles are for users under a tight budget, but you should note that even these vehicles are quite durable. You can also find many models which focus on having premium features instead. As you go up in quality, the features on these recreational vehicles increase as well.

Additionally, all of them have different upsides and downsides. This is why it is that much important that you look out for all the specifications on the RVs. This will help you in selecting a model that will best suit your needs and help you out in enjoying your trips worry-free. If you do not like the interior of a certain Keystone vehicle then you should know that these are customizable.

The floor layout can be changed by selecting from a range of plans that Keystone provides. You can tweak your vehicle according to your preferences. These include changing the order of rooms as well as how big they are. You can even custom select some of the electrical appliances in these vehicles. This includes mostly switches, ovens, refrigerators, and air conditioners.

Grand Design RV

Grand Design is a newer company when compared to Keystone. While that might be the case, the company has still been known for making quite a large impact on the market in such a short time. The campers made by them have even received rewards from magazines. This shows how good the vehicles manufactured by the company are. Another great thing about this company is the interior of their recreational vehicles.

These have quite a detail on every aspect and the vehicles look incredibly premium. Every nook of these vehicles has been designed to look good. This is done by using materials like aluminum and much sturdier quality products for the manufacture. All of the vehicles follow the same protocol, which makes them look amazing. While that might be the case, you should note that this makes their vehicles expensive. The vehicle will look premium and will most definitely be extremely durable.

But the price range for them will be high. This makes it extremely hard for people with a tight budget to purchase these. Though, the company tries to make up for this by providing good performance for these vehicles. The engine on them allows users to load up a lot of weight without feeling any drops in speed.

In conclusion, both companies are great options to purchase a motorhome from. But if you are some who have a lot of money on their hands then Grand Design should be the best option for you. However, if your budget is limited then you should consider checking out the different models from Keystone.

There are quite a lot of them and you should be able to like one of them. If you have any questions regarding the products from either company then their customer support can be contacted.

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