Is a Hensley Hitch Worth the Money?

Is a Hensley Hitch Worth the Money?
Is a Hensley Hitch Worth the Money?

20 years ago, a guy named Connell bought his very first trailer, which was a 24-foot star craft. He along with his wife, were passionate travelers and wanted to explore the state of Michigan by road however, Colin was assured by the RV dealer that his car had enough power to tow this trailer but this was a failed promise. Colin at first gave up the idea of taking long route trips in his trailer as it swayed a lot while being towed.

Later on, Colin was introduced to Jim Hensley, who worked on inventing a stacking linkage system that worked well for towing any recreational vehicle through its four-bar linkage . Jim’s idea to create a basic structure was successful however, he could not figure out a way to use this to cover the hitch that would work well with an RV.

Colin had a vast experience in the field of automotive engineering; he also had friends and acquaintances willing to help. Colin and Jim signed a partnership that helped Jim take his idea and turn it into a well-functioning hitch.

This duo worked day and night to come up with this one-of-a-kind hitch, which has easy-to-use programming and has better control of both vehicles, and avoids any chances of trailer sway.

Colin loved traveling with a trailer and he realized all the downfalls of using an ordinary hitch as with them, he could not travel on longer routes . He wanted to create a product that would guarantee no-sway of trailers and help prevent RV road accidents and play a role in saving lives as well as automobiles.

Colin and Jim realized that one thing that travel trailer owners despised was the swaying of the trailer. This aspect was not only scary to think of but it was dangerous as well. It was proven through research and statistics that most RV accidents occurred because of the trailer sways.

After Colin and Jim joined hands, it took about a year of development and testing safety measures, before they launched their new product Hensley Arrow to make traveling easier and safer for RV owners around the world.

The makers of the Hensley Hitch Colin and Jim assured a full guarantee to eliminate any chances of sway. Many people, however, do wonder that is this prospect true? As well as wonder if the Hensley Hitch is worth its cost?

Is a Hensley Hitch Worth the Money?

Hensley Hitch is considered one of the most expensive hitches but the advantages it has in comparison to any ordinary hitch are by far better. Colin and Jim were two automobile enthusiasts who made sure to create a product that would help people like them prevent trailer sway.

What Is Meant By Trailer Sway?

Usually, a trailer sway occurs when forces on the side of the trailer cause the trailer to sway or “fishtail” this is an alarming side motion that is highly likely to get out of control, due to inertia and cause an accident of the trailer. When a trailer is affected by bad weather or high wind pressure, it can be very difficult to control the steering of the trailer and avoid any clashes.

One of the major elements that can cause a trailer to sway is the high pressure of the wind. At a speed of 30mph, wind can easily cause almost 2 and a half pounds of pressure per square foot on your trailer. This also includes the suction which is caused by trucks blowing by.

As per statistics gathered by the Hensley company, a 20 foot long, 8-foot tall trailer weighs about 375 pounds of force of air/wind pushing on the side of the trailer. This force will tend to increase with every additional foot of the trailer.

However, it is also noted that the weight of the trailer has no relation to the swaying of the trailer. Many people like to believe that a light-weighted trailer will help in avoiding any sway issues, this is not true though.

How a Hensley Hitch Controls Sway

The Hensley Hitch is designed in a specific way that effectively transfers the pivot point between the trailer and the tow vehicle to overcome the rear axle of the truck. With the use of an ordinary hitch, the ball and the coupler are the pivot point.

The Hensley Hitch is known to effectively create one unit from the trailer to the truck; this leaves the truck to make free and easy turns without any fear of trailer sway. Once the trailer and truck are easy to move around at their own pace, it allows the owners of the RV, peace of mind regarding any sway.

Price Comparison With Similar Products In The Market

A Hensley Hitch can cost you around $3,000 which is relatively expensive in comparison with a typical anti-sway trailer hitch which can cost about $300. The Hensley is 10x the price of an average hitch. But with the high cost, there come additional benefits which are not easily found with ordinary hitches.

The high cost of the Hensley Hitch is one of the main reasons that make recreational vehicle owners reluctant to buy it when they feel they can get something similar at less pricing. Whereas, people who have invested in the Hensley Hitch are more than satisfied and claim that the promise of the company to eliminate any kind of trailer sway, is true.

It is also noted that at times the Hensley Hitch is a bit tricky to use first, but most Hensley users are known to get used to the procedure easily. They also claim that the Hensley Hitch is much easier to use than any ordinary hitch, once you get used to it. The Hensley Hitch is designed in a certain way that makes it user-friendly and easily adjusted.

If a new customer is hesitant about the use of a Hensley Hitch, they can find an easy guide by other users who can explain the safety factors, the ease of towing, and how the hitch makes Hensley 100% worth its money. People who have invested in using the Hensley Hitch have never looked back and claim that this was their best investment when it came to trailer traveling.

One of the advantages of getting a Hensley Hitch is that you can easily take the Hensley Hitch off and transfer it smoothly from an old trailer to a newer one. Many Hensley hitch owners tend to proclaim that they have had the hitch for over 12 years. This is a great factor about the Hensley Hitch and one of the best features as the Hitch can be transferred easily between three trailers.

Many road accidents of RVs tend to occur because of the trailer sway which can be dangerous for your life and others. Many people who travel cross-country in recreational vehicles often worry about trailer sway which can cause massive accidents, which is why many people prefer choosing to use the Hensley hitch for better grip on the road and safer traveling.

Colin Connell and Jim Hensley are known as two experts who brought a game-changing difference in the world of hitches and recreation vehicles. They made sure that their product will be appreciated by its users and rightly so.

After critical analysis and research, it has been noted that even though the Hensley Hitch is more expensive than an ordinary hitch, the additional safety it guarantees makes it worth all its money.

The Hensley hitch is designed in a modern way and can be easily used over the years, even with switching it from trailer to trailer. There is a reason why it is one of the most expensive hitches, the 100% customer satisfactory rate explains all too well, why is this so!

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  1. Money well spent for me on the Hensley Arrow. Used it for about 12yrs before I sold the travel trailer and got a 5th wheel.


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