Is a Hensley Hitch Worth the Money?

Is a Hensley Hitch Worth the Money?
Is a Hensley Hitch Worth the Money?

Is a Hensley Hitch Worth the Money?

One thing that travel trailer owners really hate is sway; it’s not only scary, but it can also be downright dangerous. Statistics prove that towing a travel trailer makes you far more likely to have an accident, and the main reason for trailer accidents is sway.

The makers of the Hensley Hitch guarantee the complete elimination of sway. But is this true? And does that make the Hensley Hitch worth the price?

What is Trailer Sway?

Trailer sway happens when forces on the side of the trailer cause the trailer to“fishtail.” This is s side to side motion that can get out of control, due to inertia.

One thing that can cause trailer sway is wind; a 30mph wind will cause almost 2 1/2 pounds of pressure per square foot on your trailer. This includes the suction caused by trucks blowing by. So, on a 20’ long, 8’ tall trailer, that’s almost 375 lbs. of force pushing on the side of the trailer. This force will increase with every additional foot of the trailer. The weight of the trailer does not influence this. While many believe a lighter weight trailer will help with sway issues, that’s not true.

How a Hensley Hitch Controls Sway

A Hensley Hitch effectively transfers the pivot point between the tow vehicle and the trailer to over the rear axle of the truck. With an ordinary hitch, the ball and coupler are the pivot point. The Hensley Hitch effectively creates one unit from the trailer to the truck, while leaving the truck free to make turns.

Price Comparison

A Hensley Hitch will cost you nearly $3,000. A typical antisway trailer hitch averages around $300. So the Hensley is 10x the price.

However, people who use a Hensley Hitch swear that it completely eliminates trailer sway, just as the company promises. While it can be a little bit tricky to use at first, most Hensley users quickly get used to the procedure, and will even tell you it’s easier than an ordinary Hitch, once you get used to it.

Hensley Hitch users will also tell you the safety factor, as well as the ease of towing, completely makes the Hensley completely worth it. To add to the value, you can take the Hensley Hitch off, and transfer it from an old trailer to a new trailer. In fact, some Hensley users report they have had their hitch for 12 years, and have transferred it between three different trailers.

The bottom line is, an accident involving trailer sway could literally cost you everything, including your life. While a Hensley Hitch is very expensive, the additional safety is worth the price.


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