3 Common Hensley Hitch Problems (Troubleshooting)

hensley hitch problems
hensley hitch problems

Hitches are small connectors that allow users to attach their trailers with a car or truck. You can then move these around by pulling them from your vehicles.

Hitches come in different shapes and sizes and the features that you will get are also dependent on the companies. Considering this, you must select a model that will be supported by your vehicle.

Additionally, the features will help you out in the long run. One of the best companies around that manufacture these hitches are Hensley.

Some users have reported that while using the Hensley hitch, they ran into some problems. If this happens to you as well then here are some steps that should help you fix them.

Hensley Hitch Problems

  1. Configure Jacks Position

While the Hensley hitches were originally designed especially for vehicles that had to pull trailers with a lot of weight. There is still a maximum weight limit that the users need to follow.

If the weight exceeds this limit then you will start to get problems with your vehicle. The most common issue that users have experienced is with their jacks. These start to get misaligned which causes the overall leveling of the vehicle to get unstable.

If this happens then the first thing that you should do is to retract the jacks on your trailer. This brings the vehicle back to its original position. You should then check all the screws on your vehicle, some of them might have started to come loose.

Carefully tighten up all of these and then align your vehicle back to the leveled state. If the system on your trailer is not automated then you will have to manually level it. There are some tools that you can purchase that help out-level these vehicles up easily.

  1. Distribute Weight Equally

Another important thing to look out for while using these hitches is that you distribute all the weight equally. You can find the complete list of information on how you can distribute the metal bars from the manual provided by Hensley.

This can also be downloaded from their website but make sure that you search for the exact model of a hitch as yours. You can then order additional weights and distribute the weights equally which will prevent any swaying problems on your vehicle.

One recommendation is to weigh down your vehicles using a scale so that you can distribute the metal bars as accurately as possible.

  1. Hitch Bending

While this is unlikely to happen, sometimes the users might notice that their hitch has started to bend. To continue driving your trailer like this can be dangerous. This is why if you see that these hitches have bent then you should take them off as soon as possible.

Take these vehicles to a workshop nearby so that they can fix them for you. In some cases, the hitches can be in a condition that is impossible to fix and you will have to contact Hensley instead. If the equipment is under warranty then you will be provided with a replacement.

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