Why My Honda EU2000i Only Runs With Choke On?

honda eu2000i only runs with choke on
honda eu2000i only runs with choke on

Having a generator at your home can be necessary for some people. This is usually the case for users who live in an area where they can get frequent power outages.

Though, these devices can also be used if you enjoy traveling around a lot. While a recreational vehicle will allow you to get most benefits that you would get in your home.

Trying to use electrical appliances on these vehicles will drain their batteries. This is where people decide to install portable generators instead.

You should note that many companies manufacture these devices. But one of the most recommended ones is Honda. They have a huge lineup to select from out of which all of their devices have amazing features.

Honda EU2000i

The Honda EU2000i model is one of the best generators that have come out from the company. This is extremely compact when compared to most standard models.

Considering this, you can see that the device was aimed to be portable. This is exactly why most people decide to install these in their vehicles and can enjoy their trips.

The generator also provides users with lots of power to keep their appliances running throughout the trip. While these are some of the best devices that you can get, some problems can be found with them.

One issue specific that many users have complained about is the device running only while the choke is on.

Honda EU2000i Only Runs with Choke On

If your Honda EU2000i is only running with the choke is completely switched on then there is most likely a problem with your device. These chokes are usually made to control the internal supply of air and fuel in your device.

The choke will either close down or open depending on how much air is required to be filled with the fuel. Considering this, if the generator is requiring you to keep the choke switched on then there is something wrong with it.

The first thing that you should do is to clean up your device completely. Sometimes dirt stuck in the tank or carb can cause the generator to run into similar problems. Though, if you have completely cleaned it off and replaced the fuel but are still getting the same issue.

Then there is a high chance that some of the parts in your device have become faulty. One thing that many people recommend you testing is spraying carb cleaner around the part your carb is meeting up with the engine.

If you notice any changes in the sound from your engine there is a leak in your air. In this case, you will have to check for the area where the air is leaking out from and getting it fixed.

However, if you notice there are no leaks then you can test the internal parts of your device. This will take you a lot of time and effort which is why you should consult the manual. Additionally, some users have reported that replacing only the pilot jet’s O-ring fixed their issue.

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