Entegra vs Newmar: What’s The Difference?

entegra vs newmar
entegra vs newmar

Going out for a camping or hiking trip can be fun. Taking your family and friends with you while you decide to stay on your trip for some days is even more enjoyable. Though, in this condition, you must bring all the right equipment with you. These will help you ensure that you do not run into any issues.

When it comes to storing all of your luggage. A simple car will not be enough, this is where RVs and motorhomes come in. There are mainly two famous companies that have been known for manufacturing some of the best recreational vehicles. These include Entegra and Newmar.

If you have already heard about them then you might be confused about which one to select. This is exactly why we will be using this article to provide you with detailed information about both of these vehicles.

Entegra vs Newmar


Entegra is a famous company that has been known for making coaches and motorhomes for their users. The brand, later on, joined Jayco and has become a lineup of their vehicles. The best thing about these coaches is the design them. You are provided with a vehicle that has been made from quality products that should prevent it from running into any problems.

Aside from this, the overall look is premium and even the equipment used within the vehicle is luxurious. The main focus of the company is on completely premium manufacturing vehicles and the details on them look unique. Due to this the price budget required for these coaches is also really high. Though the commitment that Entegra puts into their vehicles makes up for it.

The brand has been recognized as being one of the leading choices when it comes to purchasing a luxury motorhome. They have a huge lineup to select from which includes vehicles that you can modify completely.

You can change the floor plan from numerous options which makes it possible to change the location of your rooms. Aside from this, you should note that the features that you will get on your motorhome usually depend on what model you want to purchase.

Though most of the important services will be provided to you on most of the lineups. It is still better if you go through the specifications of these to find a vehicle that best suits your usage. Finally, you can even get additional equipment installed on your motorhome at the time of buying it through a separate add-ons option. But these will cost you a little extra.


Newmar is a company owned by Winnebago. If you have been to markets or searched online for motorhomes and RVs then you might have already seen how many people recommend the brand.

Winnebago has been known for high-end manufacturing vehicles. The subsidiary Newmar focuses on the niche even further and specifically focuses on ultra-luxury manufacturing vehicles.

These have been equipped with stuff that makes you feel like you are at your home. The comfortability and equipment installed in these vehicles can even be sometimes better than what you have at your house.

While the lineups from them also determine the features, you will be provided with, one thing to note is that these are usually ranged by price.

You can visit Newmar’s official website to take a look at all the vehicles they have in stock. You can then sort them according to their price range and then select a model that you find interesting.

All the information about it can then be viewed from here making it easier for you to select the product. Another great thing about these motorhomes is that they use a diesel engine that can output a maximum of 450-hp. This should be enough to pull around any load that you put on the vehicle.

Though, if you are looking to hook up a trailer as well then you might have to consult the company. Both the brands have a live helpline service that answers any queries that the users have. They can also be contacted if you have any problem with the motorhome. The support team will then provide you with a solution as soon as it is possible. Though, the repair costs might depend on your warranty service.

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