Replace RV Aluminum Roof Seam Sealing: What’s To Consider?

rv aluminum roof seam sealing
rv aluminum roof seam sealing

When it comes to purchasing a recreational vehicle or motorhome for yourself. Many things need to consider aside from it being a huge investment. One of the most important ones is how you are going to keep it maintained. RVs are large vehicles that need to be stored when not in use.

You should even take out their tires if the vehicle is going to be parked in the same spot for a long period. This is because the wheels can start to get damaged by the weight of the vehicle. Aside from this, another common problem that many people report about getting on their vehicle is the seals on it.

RV Aluminum Roof Seam Sealing

Premium RVs use a layer of aluminum on their exterior, which prevents the vehicle from getting damaged easily. The layer also protects water or dust from entering the vehicle because it has been covered with seals.

These are installed to ensure that the aluminum exterior remains in the same spot and does not come off. Though, with time you will notice that the seals around the sealing will soon start to come off. If this happens then you must take care of the problem as soon as possible. Driving around your vehicle in this state can be dangerous.

This Is because the roof can come off at any time or if it starts to rain then all the water will enter your vehicle. The liquid will then damage the interior of your entire vehicle and might even damage it permanently. You will then have to completely get all the interior coating and parts replaced with new ones. These can cost you a lot and will also void the warranty for your RV.

How to Replace RV Aluminum Roof Seam Sealing?

If you have noticed that the sealing seams have started to come off then several products can be used to seal it again. Keep in mind that the specifications for the sealants can vary so you must go through their specifications. You should then able to easily find one that best suits your usage. There are some liquid gels and on the other hand, you have the option to use tape instead.

These are specifically designed for sealing roofs and both of them are great options. Though, the installation process for them differs greatly. When purchasing the product make sure that it is of a reliable brand and it is waterproof. Using a cheap product will most likely require you to replace it again within a small timeframe.

The first thing that you need to when replacing the roof sealant is completely removing your older one. If there is any of it left stuck to your vehicle then it can cause issues with the new sealant. People that are having trouble trying to take off the sealant should use a heat gun or blow dryer. Applying small bursts of heat on the product will make it soft and it should come off easily.

Make sure that you do not put on a lot of heat on the sealant because it can start to liquidate it instead. If this happens then it will be really difficult to remove the product from all over your RV. After finally, taking off the sealant you can now scrape it off from your aluminum roof as well and proceed to install the new one. For the tape sealants, you can apply them on the surface of your vehicle by lining them up along the off.

Secondly, the gel sealants will have to be applied with a lot more caution because these can spread to the outsides as well. Though one recommendation is that you do not worry about any sealant that has been applied on the exterior and then scrapes it off once the product has become solid.

This should only take a few hours at max and your vehicle’s roof will look brand new after this. If you are having trouble choosing between what sealant might be best for your vehicle then you can even check recommendations provided online. These contain all the information you require about these sealants and should be more than enough to help you out.

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