3 Ways To Fix Dometic RM1350SLMX Not Cooling

dometic rm1350slmx not cooling
dometic rm1350slmx not cooling

Many companies are known for manufacturing refrigerators. These devices are mostly used to keep your food stored by keeping it cold.

The process prevents edibles from going bad for a long time making It easier for people to stock them. Considering this, camping enthusiasts mostly have these devices in their RVs as well.

Though, one thing you should note about this is that these fridges are made to use less electricity. This is because of the limited power available in recreational vehicles. Dometic is one of the best companies that you can choose for these refrigerators.

While it is amazing to use, some people have reported that the Dometic RM1350SLMX is not cooling. If you are getting the same problem on your device then here are some steps that can be followed to fix it.

How to Fix Dometic RM1350SLMX Not Cooling?

  1. Device Might Be Overheating

There are tons of things that can cause a refrigerator to stop cooling. Though, when it comes to RVs and motorhomes, there is one common reason that can cause this issue. This is your device overheating due to it being placed in a place where there is no ventilation.

Considering this, you should keep in mind that you must place your refrigerators in a place where air can hit them. Without this, the fridge will keep on overheating.

This prevents them from cooling and might even damage the system board. If this happens, then you will have to get the entire motherboard replaced which is quite expensive.

This is why it is better that you simply change the location of your device and place it in an area with airflow. Alternatively, another option that you can go for is to place a fan nearby your refrigerator. Although, you will have to keep this running all the time or as long as the refrigerator is running.

  1. Check Thermostat

The RM1350SLMX model from Dometic has a control panel on it that can be accessed by opening its door. This allows you to use the thermostat which has different air and cooling configurations on it.

Sometimes when placing stuff in the fridge, you might accidentally press these buttons changing the settings. If the temperature had been raised or if the fan speed was reduced then that might be why your device is not cooling.

Simply adjusting these back should allow your refrigerator to start cooling again without any issues.

  1. Check Coolant Level

Every refrigerator has coolants in them which keep the device cooled off. Without these, your devices will keep on overheating even if you have proper ventilation. Considering this, you must check the levels of coolant in your device.

If these are falling low then fill them up again to fix your issue. Keep in mind that these can leak out sometimes as well. This is why you can install an ammonia meter near your fridge. This will alarm you if any coolant is leaked out from your device.

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