3 Common Coleman Mach Thermostat Issues (Troubleshooting)

coleman mach thermostat issues
coleman mach thermostat issues

Coleman is a famous brand that is mostly known for manufacturing devices and products that can be used outdoors. Most of these are for camping or for installing them in your recreational vehicle or motorhome.

The equipment includes tents, air conditioners, heaters, and even thermostats. You can check their website online to find all the products they currently have. The user can even check all the features and information about the devices from here.

The thermostats from Coleman allow you to control the temperature of your vehicle. You can easily heat it when going through areas with a cold climate. This allows you to stay comfortable and enjoy your trip.

Through, there are still problems that the user can run into. We will be using this article to provide you with some common issues that can be found on the Coleman Mach Thermostat, along with ways to fix these.

Common Coleman Mach Thermostat Issues

  1. Thermostat Is Unresponsive

The most common issue that people run into is their thermostat being unresponsive. Sometimes the device might completely stop functioning. Both of these indicate that the equipment is not receiving the current it is supposed to.

The first thing that the user should do is check if the wires on it are attached correctly. If you notice that either of the cables has come off then attach them back to the device.

You can also look for any scratches or cuts on the wires to see if they need a replacement. Usually, covering up the cables with tape can keep them secure and prevent them from getting damaged.

The user should then check the current coming from their main outlet. You can use a voltmeter for this which will provide you with exact values of the power from your socket. People who do not have access to a voltmeter or multimeter can use a lamp instead. Plug it in and observe the bulb.

If the lights are blinking then it indicates that the power is too low. Check all the other outlets in your vehicle as well. If only the current one is giving you trouble then get it replaced and use a secondary outlet meanwhile.

However, if all the sockets are giving the same issue then the problem is with your main powerline. This is usually the battery on in some cases it might be your generator. Troubleshoot them carefully to fix your problem.

  1. Thermostat Not Working

Sometimes people might notice that their thermostat is not heating up or cooling their room. If this happens then the user might have not set up their device correctly. The thermostat requires you to set a specific temperature which will then be followed by the system.

Your room will then be kept at the same temperature for the entire time. Considering this, people might accidentally enter a value that is the same as their room temperature. This is quite a common problem which is why you should look into the value you have set.

Try changing it a little and your thermostat should now start working. Another option is to set the device to auto. This will provide you with a temperature on its own. If you are unsure of how the setting can be enabled then check the control panel for your device. This should have the option along with other features that can be used.

  1. Reset Device

If you notice that the device is giving you trouble then there might be an issue with its files. There are lots of configuration files that the device stores on its system. Sometimes there can be an error with the files that can cause your system to stop functioning. If this happens, then the user will have to reset the device. This can be done by switching the thermostat to its off position.

You can then take out the fuse from it and wait for some time. It is recommended that you leave the device for at least 5 minutes or more. You can then plug the fuse back in and switch on your thermostat. It should now be reset and all the errors on it should now be gone. In case, the fuse gets burnt out from electrical problems, you can replace it from here in the same way.

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  1. We have a Coleman-mach thermostats. We are full timers and left for a week setting the temp at 68. Came home to 45 we shut it off and tried gas but there was a very strong propane smell the electric side says room diff and will not turn on


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