Camper Knowledge

Articles to help enrich you camping experience or useful tips you might not have thought of.

Types of Hitches

Types of Trailer Hitches and Hitch Classes

Sometimes when sitting in a campground, I notice vehicles towing travel trailers in and out. I also see that some trucks are...
Primitive RV Camping

8 Best Primitive RV Camping Tips

Time to time living out of an RV or travel trailer can start to feel too much like, well, living in an...

Do I Need A Vent On My Battery Box?

One day, I was walking around the campground looking at other trailers and started to wonder: Do I need a vent on my battery...
Camper Internal Vent

Do I Need A Camper Ventilation Fan?

Many people don’t consider how important ventilation is on campers; not only to cool or dry the inside of the camper but also...