Valve Stem Extensions for Dually (A Brief Guide)

valve stem extensions for dually
valve stem extensions for dually

Having an RV or motorhome with yourself is almost necessary if you are thinking about going out for long camping trips. These vehicles are equipped with large rooms that you can rest in. Additionally, these also include kitchens and bathrooms. Although, most of the features on your vehicle will depend on the model you are using. This is why you must go through the specifications of these motorhomes before thinking about purchasing one.

Going through all this hassle will ensure that you get the best possible vehicle for your use. Additionally, this should also last you a long time without running into any issues. If you are having trouble trying to decide which motorhome you should get. Then one recommendation is that you consider your requirements. This includes keeping in mind how many people will be traveling with you, what features will be needed and how much luggage you will be carrying.

Things to Look Out for In Motorhomes

Once you purchase a motorhome for yourself, you will be amazed by all the features these vehicles come with. However, you must understand that no matter how reliable your RV’s brand is. There is still a chance that you will start running into problems with it. But you should also keep in mind that this only applies to people who do not keep their vehicles maintained. This is exactly why it is so important that you keep your motorhome in check at all times.

Going through all this extra effort will ensure that you do not run into any problems while you are out on your trip. Talking about this, one of the most essential things in large motorhomes are the tires on them. These are directly responsible for the performance of your vehicle. Considering this, you must keep them filled up with air at all times. Having to check the tires on your vehicle from time to time can be annoying for some users. This is why a better solution is that you install some sensors on them.

These will keep you notified about the pressure ratings in your wheels so that you can get them filled whenever they go down. Although, motorhomes with dual or large tires also have rims that are specifically designed. Considering this, many people complain that they have trouble trying to control the pressure ratings on these wheels. These can also sometimes leak and it can be quite difficult to fill up the wheels back with air. Keeping all of this in mind, one solution for these tires is installing valve stem extensions on them.

About Valve Stem Extensions for Dually

Installing these valve stem extensions for dually or large tires will ensure that you can keep the pressure rating in them controlled at all times. Although, before you get into installing these, you should note that these are not always required. If the depth in your rims is around 40 to 50 mm then you should be able to install a tube connected with a valve to fix your issue. This is much better as all the trouble will be avoided and you will not get any leakage issues with your tires.

However, if the depth on the rims of your motorhome is so much that it requires an extender. Then the first thing that you will have to do is purchase this equipment. There are tons of companies that manufacture these devices and they also come in several variants. Considering this, you can either purchase ones that have a removable valve core on them or ones that have a non-removable valve core. Both of these are quite simple to install but they have different installation methods.

The process for them should be provided to you along with the product. But one thing that you should do is go through the manual before starting with the installation. If you are still having trouble then you can also check guides online to help you out. Once you finally understand how the extenders can be installed, complete the process quickly. You should then confirm that the extender is tightly connected so that there is no leakage. This should also help you in controlling the air pressure in your tires perfectly whenever you want to.

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