The Risks Of Keeping Camping Propane In Car

camping propane in car
camping propane in car

People all around the world enjoy going out on camping trips with their family and friends. Most of these trips are planned during vacations. This is because people are bored during these holidays as there is nothing to do. Going out on a trip not only allows one to explore new areas. But you can also make new memories with your friends and family.

There are tons of things that you have to look out for even before you go out on the trip. This includes having all the equipment required. When it comes to packing up stuff for your adventure, the items required might vary. The main reason behind this is that where you want to go and how long you want to stay will play a huge role in the equipment required. This is why you must consider all of this before starting to pack your luggage.

Propane Gas on Trips

If you are someone who wants to stay on their camping trip for a longer time than just a few hours. Then one of the most important things for survival includes food. Most people cannot survive on only snacks and even if you take food with you. Most of it will go bad within a few hours or days. Considering this, people think about cooking while they are at their camping site. When it comes to this, there are tons of equipment that will be required before you begin.

This includes having cookware, stoves, and the ingredients required to make meals. Additionally, one of the most important things is having access to propane gas that will be used to light up the stove. The only way to have access to this is if you are carrying the tank with you. Although, keeping a tank of propane gas in your vehicle while you are traveling can be quite dangerous. Considering this, you must understand what the risks of keeping propane gas with you can be and how to prevent most problems.

Camping Propane in Car: Is It Safe?

When it comes to carrying propane gas in your car for your camping trip, one of the first things to consider is how you are storing it. The temperature at which you will be keeping your tank can be quite essential. You will notice that most tanks have a warning on them that explains what temperatures are safe to store them at.

Considering this, you should keep your propane tank in an area where it does not get too hot. The temperature rise can easily cause the liquid propane in your tank to start boiling which will expand it. This puts pressure on the tank which will start damaging it. Eventually, you can get a leakage or the tank can even explode. Aside from this, the tank being put under a lot of luggage can also damage it, causing the same problems as before.

Keeping this in mind, you must store your propane tank someplace where all of these issues can be avoided. The best place for this is to keep the tank in your car’s trunk. Make sure that you do not place any other luggage with it that can cause a leak. Additionally, if you are someone who is traveling in an extremely hot climate. Then keeping ice packs with the tank will help it in maintaining a low temperature.

Some other factors that can help people out include using car covers, sunshades, and cracking open windows. One thing that you should ensure is that the tank does not come in contact with direct heat. This can easily be avoided if you store the propane tank in a good spot. Moreover, parking the vehicle under shade will also help out a lot. Keeping all the factors in mind when traveling should help you in avoiding most problems with your propane tanks.

However, you should note that leakage is a common issue. This is exactly why companies mix methane with propane gas in most tanks. This gives off a pungent smell that makes it easy to identify if gas is being leaked out. You can also keep a methane meter in your vehicle that will alert you if there are any leakages. While these might not be necessary, having them can still help you keep peace of mind.

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