3 Common Aqua-Hot Problems (Troubleshooting)

aqua hot troubleshooting
aqua hot troubleshooting

Going out on hiking and camping trips can be a lot of fun for people all around the world. These let you enjoy the wildlife while also feeling relaxed from all your work.

This is exactly why many people even consider taking their families with them. Though, if you want to stay for a longer time then having a motorhome or recreational vehicle is essential.

These provide you with tons of features but people can install further add-ons to help them out. One of these is using a water heater in your vehicle. Many companies manufacture these but Aqua-Hot is considered to be one of the best products.

These are amazing but you can still run into a few issues with the device. Considering this, we will be using this article to provide you with a list of common problems for the Aqua-Hot heater along with some troubleshooting steps.

Aqua-Hot Troubleshooting

  1. Water Not Heating Up

The most common problem that people have is that their water is not heating up. The first thing that you should check in this case is the thermostat for your device.

This is used to set a specific temperature which will then heat your water accordingly. Some people make the mistake of turning the dial down instead of increasing it.

This will stop your water from heating up and it will remain at the same temperature. Considering this, if you have not set up your thermostat correctly then doing so will most likely fix your problem.

Change temperature and set it to a value higher than what the current room temperature is. The device should then be able to start heating the water from your vehicle.

  1. Clean Up the Device

If the water is still not heating up then your heater might require cleanup. This is usually needed at least once a month or sometimes even more frequently depending on how much you use the device. The sensors in these can start to get covered with dust.

After which they will stop detecting the temperature from their surroundings. If this happens then the heater will stop heating water and might even start closing down from time to time. You can easily clear up most of the dirt from these devices using a cloth.

But make sure that you disconnect the main power cord from them before starting. This will ensure that you do not get shocked during the process. Finally, for the sensors, you will have to use a small pin.

You can take out the dust using it carefully. Do not apply too much pressure because the device is quite sensitive. If it becomes damaged then you will have to get it replaced. The company offers replacement parts for people but these might not be in stock all the time. This is why it is recommended that you contact them and ask a person from their support team.

  1. Check Electrical Wires

If you notice that your Aqua-Hot is not switching on then there might be a problem with the electrical wires. This is also quite common and you can fix the problem by taking a look at your connections.

The easiest method to see if your sockets are working fine is by using a lamp. You can connect it to your outlet and observe the light bulb.

Its condition should ensure if the connection is working fine or not. If you notice that the socket is completely dead then you can replace the fuse in them. People who are having electrical issues all over their vehicles should check the main power line. This will either be the batteries or generators. You can fill them back up with fuel or water to fix the problem for you.

Finally, if the problem is with your heater instead of other devices then you will have to use the manual. It should be provided along with the product. You can then consult it to troubleshoot all the small hardware parts of your heater.

If any of these have burned out or are damaged. Then you will have to get them repaired by the company. People that have their Aqua Hot under warranty should be able to get a replacement for free.

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