Oasis vs Aqua Hot: The Better Option

oasis vs aqua hot
oasis vs aqua hot

Camping enthusiasts usually decide to purchase large vehicles like RVs, campers, and motorhomes for themselves. These have tons of storage in them and come with other benefits as well. You have access to a kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom.

Aside from this, you will notice that your vehicle also comes with numerous pieces of equipment installed in it. Although, these depend on what company or brand you are getting your RV from. Additionally, the model you are purchasing also plays a huge role in this.

Though, keep in mind that you always have the option to replace this equipment with new ones. One of the most important things in a motorhome or RV is its heating system. There are two famous brands known as Oasis and Aqua-Hot that people have been confused about.

Most famous companies use either one of the two brands for their vehicles which is why you might question what the better one is. This is why we will be using this article to provide you with a comparison making it easier for you to select a heating system.

Oasis vs Aqua Hot


Oasis is one of the best brands known for manufacturing heating systems for RVs and similar vehicles. These will both heat up your vehicle as well as the water in them.

Considering this, most people who are looking for a water heater and furnace will find this equipment great. When it comes to getting this system pre-installed in your vehicle. You should note that the company manufactures five different types of heating systems.

The performance of your equipment will depend on what model you get. Although, all the details about this are usually provided to you before you purchase the vehicle. Talking about this, most people using the water systems from Oasis have reported no problems with it.

All five models work great but the only thing that you have to consider is if the wattage on them will be enough for your use. You can easily confirm this by checking details on the system before getting it installed on your RV.

In case you do run into issues with the heating system. The user can easily contact the customer support team for Oasis and ask them to help you out. The team is quite helpful and will guide you through the troubleshooting steps required to check the system.

If any part is broken then you can either visit the company or ask them to send you replacement parts. The procedure is quite simple and you should not have much trouble with it.

Aqua Hot

Aqua Hot is a much larger company when compared to Oasis. Most RV manufacturers use the heating systems made by them in their vehicles. Although, just like Oasis, Aqua Hot also has a huge lineup that you can choose from.

The company offers both diesel and propane heating systems and the heat ratings on all of them are different. Considering this, there is a lot more to check when getting a heating system from Aqua Hot. You should note that some of the equipment from this company is better than Oasis.

However, these only include a few systems. You can ask your RV manufacturer for what heating system they are using in their vehicle to check this. If the lineup is 600D or above then this should be amazing for your motorhome.

However, if the model they are using is 450D or lower then it should be a better option to go for Oasis instead. Most companies do give you the option to select between these two heating systems so you should not have much trouble. Another downside to using Aqua Hot is that the customer support service for them is not as good as Oasis.

Many users have complained about getting no responses from the company which can be quite annoying. Additionally, getting replacement parts from the brand can be difficult as well if you do not have a dealer nearby you.

In the end, it is up to you to decide which heating system will be better for you. Just avoid getting the 450D model and you can then check if diesel or propane will be easier for you to get. This should make it easier for you to select a good heating system for your vehicle.

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  1. Great article Mike, thank you.
    My name is Randy Baldwin, I work for Oasis.
    I wanted to mention that we now have a heating system comparable to the 600D.
    The Oasis NE-S is 85,000BTUs with 2 electric elements. The most powerful diesel heater in the RV Market.
    The 600D has a larger tank, but the hot water will run out, while the NE-S will keep going at a flow rate of 3 GPM.
    Here is the NE-S Brochure https://itrheat.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/ITR-NE-S-Brochure-2016.pdf
    I very much appreciate the kind words regarding our tech/customer support.
    have a great day


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