Aliner vs Rockwood- Which One Is Better?

Aliner vs Rockwood
Aliner vs Rockwood

When it comes to RVs, the Rockwood and the Aliner brand are both quite popular. Both of these are quite durable and are praised by consumers. If you’re considering purchasing an RV, you might wonder which one is better.

This comparison will give you an idea of the differences between the two. There is a considerable difference between the Aliner and Rockwood fifth-wheel motorhomes.

Both have decent storage space and are considered good buys for those who plan to spend a lot of time outdoors. Let’s take a look at what they have to offer:

Aliner vs Rockwood

Feature Aliner Rockwood
Residential Toilet No Yes
Outdoor Shower Yes Yes
Suitable for 4 persons 6-9 persons
Medicine Cabinet No Yes


Aliner is a company that offers lightweight camping equipment. They do not have a lot of expensive features. They require very little maintenance. They also do not have a lot of parts that need to be replaced.

Aliner is known for its A-frame campers, which feature an aluminum exterior to maximize aerodynamics and minimize wear and tear.

These campers are compact enough to fit into a garage, and many of their models weigh less than 2,000 pounds. This makes them ideal for towing.

They are also easy to set up. Despite the fact that many of the company’s campers have a small footprint, they are large enough to accommodate a small family.


The Aliner is lightweight and easy to store, thanks to its foldable roof. This makes it very convenient for homeowners to park their camper in their backyard and it also fits perfectly in garages. This is an advantage compared to other campers, which are large and bulky.

Small Footprint

Aliner RVs are easy to maneuver. They are made with overlapping extruded aluminum structures. You can leave it in your yard with a tarp if you’re not using it. It also fits into many garages and doesn’t take up much space.

But if you don’t own a home, you can always leave it in a storage facility. The small footprint of the Aliner means it requires less storage space than other campers.

Built For Families

Aliner Camper

Aliner RVs are built for families. Their campers have a dinette, a sofa bed, and a kitchen. In addition, these campers come with all the features you need to stay in the great outdoors.

Though it’s not the smallest or the lightest travel trailer available, it’s a versatile option for anyone on the go.

3 Variants

Each Aliner model comes in three variants, giving you the flexibility to choose the one that’s best for you. These variants are ideal for those looking to travel light but still want to feel at home.

Aliner’s deluxe model, for example, features additional windows and a cable connection. It also offers a variety of useful equipment and accessories.

It is also possible to purchase extra accessories through third-party sellers and receive a discount on the price. Lastly, it offers AC, water heater, stereo, and outdoor grill options.


The Rockwood offers motorhomes with a flexible floor plan. Rockwood offers a variety of floorplans to suit different budgets.

Rockwood RV

Some of the options offered by the company include a fifth-wheel, travel trailer, and pop-up camper. A pop-up camper is a good choice for first-time RVers.

The Rockwood kitchen provides ample counter space for cooking meals. It is equipped with an extendable table to provide additional counter space.

It also has a pantry to provide more storage space. The kitchen includes an oven and stove that are propane-fueled. The company also makes several different models.

Rockwood RVs are popular with RV buyers and are designed for intelligent living. They are the perfect investment for travelers who want a quality home on the road.

They feature a warranty, superior quality, and thoughtful exterior features. Rockwood trailers will help you have the best camping experience whether you’re a first-time camper or an avid camper.


Several Rockwood models come with automatic awnings that deploy when needed. These awnings can also be manually operated to shade or block the sun.

Manual awnings can be complicated and tedious, but Rockwood trailers have automatic awnings that can be extended several feet.


Rockwood RVs are built for extended trips. They are equipped with plenty of storage space, including under the beds and in the bathroom.

Some RVs even have a medicine cabinet. Rockwood RVs are equipped with USB ports, making them convenient for charging your phone overnight. You will also have access to a full-sized toilet and shower in the bathroom.

Frameless Windows

The interiors of the Rockwood Signature Fifth Wheels are modern and feature heated holding tanks and solar panels. Another feature of Rockwood motorhomes is their frameless windows.

These windows not only look stylish but also preserve the cool and private atmosphere inside the camper. The aluminum frame also helps prevent heat transfer and keeps the interior cool.

Who is The Winner?

Aliner and Rockwood are two brands that manufacture motorhomes. You may be wondering which one to buy. Let’s take a look at their respective features. Which is better? We’ll also look at how these brands compare to one another. Both of these RV brands are very popular.

  • Cost

A major benefit of Aliner RVs is their affordability. They’re generally significantly cheaper than Rockwood. But they also lose half of their value within the first five years.

Although you can find an Aliner for less than Rockwood, you should keep in mind that it has a smaller interior and doesn’t have as much storage space as a Rockwood camper.

Aliner is smaller

  • Space

Compared to Aliner, Rockwood motorhomes are roomier and feature more amenities. They have a front trunk and a flip-up lid for storage. Rockwood is a top choice for those who want a lot of space and comfort without sacrificing portability.

In addition, it features a refrigerator, full-extension drawers, and a toilet. These features can make your trip a comfortable one.

  • Size

The Aliner is a very compact camper with a surprisingly wide range of features and options. The Aliner is a lot more compact in size than Rockwood. Its floorplans are much smaller than Rockwood. Its folding roof and smaller size make it easy to store when not in use.

Many homeowners leave their Aliner in the yard under a tarp, but it’s also very easy to store in a garage. Even people without a garage can store their Aliner because of its small footprint.

  • Features

Rockwood motorhomes have more to offer than Aliner, including more storage space and better overall design. This manufacturer offers a variety of floorplans to meet the needs of a wide range of consumers.

Its high wall models are especially spacious, offering privacy panels and solar panel prep as standard features. They can accommodate up to six to nine people, and some models even have a sleeper couch for additional sleeping capacity.

The interior is also very functional, featuring a hard wall shower and a residential-style toilet. This is a great choice if you have family members or friends staying over.


The Rockwood motorhomes feature a large amount of storage space and a host of features at a relatively high price tag. On the other hand, Aliner motorhomes are more compact and economical than Rockwood.

You can’t go wrong with both of these brands! It all depends on your needs and budget.

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