3 Common WeatherPro Power Awning Problems (Troubleshooting)

weatherpro power awning troubleshooting
weatherpro power awning troubleshooting

Recreational vehicles and motorhomes are some of the most useful devices when it comes to camping. These allow you to stay relaxed with the features provided on them.

You have access to a kitchen, bedroom, and even bathroom. Aside from this, there is some equipment that you can install on your vehicle either separately.

Alternatively, some companies provide these as an add-on. There are many brands that you can choose from which makes the process confusing. Though, one of the most recommended ones is from WeatherPro.

These have amazing durability which makes them last a long time. However, you can still run into some problems with these at times. This is why we will be using this article to provide you with some troubleshooting steps for the WeatherPro Power Awning device.

WeatherPro Power Awning Troubleshooting

  1. Wiring Issues

Usually, if you notice that your awning system has completely stopped functioning or is giving you troubles. Then the first thing that you should be checking is its wirings.

There are tons of connections in these devices. If even one of them gets disconnected then you will start getting issues. Trying to configure all these on your own can be a little tricky.

This is exactly why it is better if you contact a professional. WeatherPro provides its users with a helpline service which they can contact for queries. Talking to them about your issue will help you in getting in touch with a technician.

You can then get your awnings checked by them. They will identify the root of your issue and fix it on your own. The warranty service provided by the company can also come in handy at times like these. You can get a discount on your repairs or even get it done for free at times.

  1. Consult Manual

For people that are out on their trip and can not get in touch with the company for some reason. They can consult the manual provided to them instead.

The Awning system on WeatherPro is quite complicated to check without it. Additionally, the different lineups use separate wiring systems which can make the process even more confusing.

Luckily, the manual contains a step-by-step guide to check all of the components of your device. You can notice if there are any issues with it and then fix it easily. Usually, wiring that has been disconnected can easily be attached again.

Though, one recommendation is to cover these up with a tape. This will keep them tightly intact and should also take out any chances of them coming off again.

  1. Faulty Parts

If you notice that all your wiring is working but some part has become damaged. Then the only way to fix this is by getting a replacement. If you are on your trip then you will, unfortunately, have to live without the oven for the time.

But after you come back, you can order the required parts from the company directly. You can then replace these to get rid of your problem. The only thing to look out for during this is that you order the right parts by checking compatibility.

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