The Contrast Between Trojan T 105 plus vs T105 Batteries

trojan t 105 plus vs t105
trojan t 105 plus vs t105

Camping enthusiasts purchase large vehicles like motorhomes and RVs for all the features they come with. Although, you have to keep in mind that there is also a lot of maintenance required for them. No matter how reliable the brand you got your vehicle from was. There is still a high chance of it running into problems if you do not keep it in check. Talking about this, a lot of people think that only keeping their engine and transmission system maintained is necessary.

However, the batteries in your vehicle are also quite essential to look out for. This is because your motorhome will most likely stop working if these run into any issues. Talking about this, once the batteries in your vehicle die out, you must get them replaced. The two famous options that people go for are Trojan T-105 Plus and T-105. We will be using this article to provide you with a comparison between these two so it can be easier for you to purchase one.

Comparing the Trojan T 105 plus vs T105 Batteries

Trojan T-105 Plus Battery

The battery in your vehicle is responsible for starting up the engine. Although, when it comes to motorhomes, people also use their batteries to power up the electrical appliances installed in them. This is why you must have a good set of batteries that can handle all of this load. Trojan is a famous company that has been manufacturing batteries for a long time now.

They have tons of lineups that you can select from. All of these have different features on them which make them unique. Considering this, before selecting a battery for yourself, you should visit their website. This will help you in checking out their entire lineup and then deciding which device will be better for you.

You can also view the specifications for these batteries by clicking on them from the website. In case you have any questions regarding the products from this brand. The user can contact Trojan’s support team and talk to them directly. They will help in answering all of your queries related to their equipment. Additionally, the team should also assist you in selecting a battery that will best work with your vehicle.

Trojan T-105 Battery

In terms of power and the total life of these batteries, there are no differences between the two. However, when you get to their exterior, the user will start noticing slight changes. The T-105 model is made to be a little larger than the plus version. Considering this, if you have clearance issues on your vehicle then you should go with the other battery instead. Additionally, the T-105 plus uses a different type of cap system.

This can be popped open to fill in the water while the cap will stay attached to the battery. On the other hand, T-105 uses the regular caps used by other standard batteries. This can be an amazing thing as a lot of people accidentally drop their caps and it can be hard to pick them up if they roll into a tight spot. Although, there are also some benefits that the T-105 model has. The main feature of it is that you can pair it up with the HydraLink technology offered by Trojan.

The user has to pay an extra of about 200$ for this so keep that in mind. Other than this, the batteries have the same specifications on them. Considering this, you should easily be able to decide which model will be better for you. In case you run into any problems with your battery before its mileage. You should note that the company provides you with a warranty service that can be used. This will help you in getting a free replacement battery that you can use instead.

Although, the company runs numerous tests on their batteries before sending them to the user. This is why there is a high chance that your devices will run perfectly without running into any issues. The only thing that you will have to look out for is filling up the battery with water on time. Additionally, removing any dust of sulfur particles from the terminals whenever they start to form on it.

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