Difference Between Trojan T 105 plus vs T105 Batteries

trojan t 105 plus vs t105
trojan t 105 plus vs t105

Finding the right battery for your RV can be difficult. There are plenty of options out there that you need to choose from, and some brands offer similar options. For example, many people find it difficult to choose between the Trojan T105 and T105 plus.

There are a few niche differences between these batteries despite being T105 models. Understanding the differences between these batteries can help you pick the best ones for your motorhome or RV. A good RV battery can take you a long way on your next road trip.

Please continue reading to learn the differences between the Trojan T105 and T105 plus. In addition, our guide will help you pick the best battery for your situation.

Comparing the Trojan T 105 plus vs T105 Batteries

Uses For These Batteries

Uses For These Batteries

The first thing you need to understand when choosing the right battery for your vehicle is the type of vehicle you need. The Trojan T105 and T105 plus are incompatible with your average daily driver. Instead, these batteries work best in the following vehicles.

  • Recreational vehicles: Recreational vehicles are the most popular uses for these batteries. These vehicles need a durable battery that lasts a long time so that people can stay safe while they travel. Running out of energy in the middle of a road trip can be dangerous.
  • Cabins: some people prefer to use these batteries to get electricity to their cabins. These batteries are compatible with many portable generators that people use in the middle of the woods. Having access to appliances and other electricity is a great way to maximize your comfort and spend time outdoors.
  • Homes: Using these batteries as a backup generator power supply is also popular among many people. These batteries are especially handy if you lose power due to inclement weather. For example, it’s common for people to lose power during a thunderstorm or snowstorm.

As you can tell from the list above, there are plenty of reasons people purchased the Trojan T105 plus and T105.

Trojan batteries are also great for golf carts depending on the size you purchase. These batteries are popular in the golf community because they’ve been around for Nearly a century.

Similarities Between the Trojan T 105 Plus and T105 Batteries

Similarities Trojan T 105 Plus and T105 Batteries

The first thing we’ll discuss the Trojan T105 and T105 plus are their commonalities. These batteries are extremely similar and only have a few differences between them.

Understanding what these batteries have in common will help determine if they’re appropriate for your situation. Some batteries work better than others, depending on your circumstances.


Similarities Brand

These batteries come from the Trojan brand, making them extremely reliable in the RV and golfing community.

You know that these batteries are reliable because they’ve been around for nearly 100 years. If these batteries weren’t reliable, they would not have lasted in this competitive market.

In fact, many people consider Trojan batteries to be the best in the community. So whether you’re looking for a reliable option for your golf cart or something that can power your RV, you don’t have to look further than this brand.

Choosing a reliable battery with years in the industry is the best way to save as much money as possible on replacements.


6 volt batteries

The Trojan T105 and a T105 plus are both 6 Volt batteries. Six-volt batteries are some of the most popular options people can choose when looking for a backup power supply.

That is why these batteries are commonly used in generators, RVs, and other power supply options for people on the move.

However, it’s unlikely that you’ll find these batteries in a regular vehicle. Vehicle batteries for daily drivers differ from RV or generator batteries. Regular car batteries offer 12 volts of power instead of 6, which is double the amount.


same price range

Based on the name, you might be inclined to believe that the Trojan T105 plus would cost more than the Trojan T105. However, both of these batteries fall in the same price range. You don’t need to break your budget when purchasing a generator battery.

Before you purchase a battery, you need to check the specs of the item you’re looking to power. 6 Volt batteries don’t work for every purpose, and the Trojan brand is no exception. You must find appropriate batteries for your situation to power the things you need.

Differences Between the Trojan T 105 Plus and T105 Batteries

Differences Trojan T 105 Plus and T105 Batteries

Now that you understand what the Trojan T105 and T105 plus have in common, let’s discuss everything that makes them different. Although this list is not expansive, the differences can greatly impact your lifestyle. The table below demonstrates the most common differences you’ll see between these batteries.

Cap Type Hydrolink Watering
Trojan T 105 Plus SureVent Flip Top No
T105 Bayonet Yes

We will detail these differences, so you understand them better and how they impact your power supply. Understanding these differences will help you determine which battery will work best for your situation.

Cap Type

cap type
Some people prefer the caps on the Trojan T105 plus because they’re easier to open than bayonet caps.

This ease of use works great for people who don’t have much mobility in their hands or wrists. Additionally, you can save plenty of time with easy access to the top of your batteries.

The type of cap you use is important for your batteries because your batteries can’t function right without these caps. You need to ventilate these batteries while they’re charging, so they don’t overheat and die.

On the other hand, bayonet caps work great but are not as easy to use as the Trojan T105 plus caps. If ease of use is important to you, then you would be happier with the Trojan T105 plus.

Hydrolink Capabilities

Hydrolink Capabilities

Some people prefer the Trojan T105 because it has hydro link capabilities, making it easy to charge your batteries. You don’t have to worry about manual watering with these batteries because it automatically handles your situation.

When your batteries refill with water after you charge them, it helps them last longer than they would otherwise.

Unfortunately, since the Trojan T105 plus doesn’t have hydro link capabilities, the charge doesn’t last as long on these batteries. Hydro link is the best way to keep your batteries longevity and prevent corrosion that could impact the lifespan of your 6 Volt battery.


check the size requirement

It’s important that you check the size requirements of your battery before you purchase. The Trojan T105 is slightly larger than the Trojan T105 plus, which can hugely impact battery performance.

If your device isn’t compatible with the battery size, then you must avoid it so that you can choose a battery that fits better.

The dimensions of your battery matter a lot when it comes to powering your devices. In addition, the Trojan T105 is heavier than the Trojan T105 plus, so it doesn’t work with everything. If you exceed the weight requirements on your devices, it’ll be difficult to take care of them.

How To Choose Compatible Batteries

How To Choose Compatible Batteries

Before you choose the best batteries for your situation, it’s important to consult your user manual. If you don’t pay attention to your manual, you could purchase your device’s wrong size or voltage batteries. Some generators need more volts, and others require less.

  • Battery size: Always check the dimensions of the spot you’ll put your battery before you make a purchase. You can check these dimensions with your user manual or measure them with a tape measure. Then, choose a battery that fits properly in the area. You cannot choose a battery that’s too small or too large.
  • Battery weight: Some devices are particular about the weight of your battery. If you choose a battery that’s too heavy, it’ll be impossible to run your device. Alternatively, batteries that are too light also don’t work well in these situations.
  • Voltage: it’s important to pay attention to your device’s voltage requirements. For example, you cannot put a 6 Volt battery into a 12 Volt vehicle. 6 Volt batteries work better for generators that are compatible with these devices. However, you must always check because some generators run on higher battery voltage.

best ways to choose compatible batteries

  • Brand: Going with the cheapest brand available is not always the best option. You should choose a brand that has a strong reputation in your industry. Fortunately, Trojan brand batteries are popular in the RV industry and make a great power supply.
  • Device: Finally, consider the device you’re powering. These batteries only work on select devices, so you must be mindful about your purchase.

Now that you understand the differences between these batteries and the best ways to choose compatible batteries, it’s time to make your decision.

Final Thoughts

work great as a backup power supply

The Trojan T105 and T105 plus are batteries that work great as a backup power supply. However, you cannot use these batteries to power your RV engine. If you’re looking for engine batteries, you’ll need to choose options that are around 12 volts depending on your RV model.

Always check your device manual before purchasing batteries to ensure you pick the right options.

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