Tractor Fuel vs Reefer Fuel- Which Should You Use?

tractor fuel vs reefer fuel
tractor fuel vs reefer fuel

Going out on camping trips with your family and friends can be a lot of fun. Although, you should note that some enthusiasts go out on these trips much more frequently. They will also stay on these trips for weeks and even months at times. However, when it comes to these users, they must take a lot of equipment with them. This will help them in having a relaxing time without running into any issues.

When it comes to carrying all this equipment, you must have a large vehicle with them. These have lots of features on them but it is also important that you keep them maintained.  One of the most important things about these vehicles is their fuel. Considering this, there are two main types of fuel that people get confused about. These include Tractor fuel and Reefer fuel. This is why we will be using this article to provide you with the information required about these types of fuel so that the choice to choose them can be easier for you.

Tractor Fuel vs Reefer Fuel Comparison

Tractor Fuel

No matter what vehicle you are using, one thing that will be required by these to drive around is fuel. Although, when it comes to larger vehicles, you will notice that there are some types that you can choose between. One of these options includes tractor fuel which is also known as number 2 diesel fuel. This is the most common fuel that you can also find in most gas stations across the country.

The main benefit of using this fuel is that it has the best lubricating properties and the highest number of energy components for a mixture. Another benefit of using this is that the fuel will keep all the parts in your engine protected from getting damaged. When you compare this with number 1 diesel, you will notice that the price can be a lot cheaper.

Although, one negative that you can notice with this fuel is during cold climates. With the drop in temperature, tractor fuel can start to thicken. This can sometimes damage the components in your vehicle. But the most common issue that you will notice is your engine not starting or stalling. Considering this, if you are getting any issues like this with your tractor fuel then it is better that you try switching it with number 1 diesel.

Reefer Fuel

Reefer fuel is another type of fuel that you will notice people with larger vehicles use. The first thing that you can notice about this fuel is its color. This is should be a reddish shade as companies combine this fuel with a red dye. This is so that people can easily differentiate between reefer and tractor fuel. The main reason behind this is that reefer fuel is only made for off-road vehicles. This includes using your vehicle for construction, agriculture, or other similar activities. Additionally, when you normally use a regular type of fuel on your vehicle, you must pay taxes on it.

However, when it comes to reefer fuel, the user no longer has to pay any taxes. Although, you should keep in mind that using reefer fuel on any on-road vehicles is illegal. The dye in these fuels can easily be found using a black light, keeping this in mind, if an on-road vehicle is found using this fuel then it will be fined. This can range from 10,000$ to even more depending on what state you are in. Although, if you are someone who owns a closed facility or farm that you want to drive around your vehicle in.

Then it is safe that you put reefer fuel in it as long as your vehicle will not be taken outside on the road. Other than this, there is no reason to use this fuel if you are thinking about going out for a drive. With that being said, you should now understand the differences between reefer fuel and tractor fuel. Depending on this, the user should easily be able to decide which type of fuel is required by their vehicle. If you are still confused about anything then you can also consult the dealer for your vehicle to help you out.

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