Tractor Fuel vs Reefer Fuel- Which Should You Use?

tractor fuel vs reefer fuel
tractor fuel vs reefer fuel

When operating larger vehicles, it can be tempting to save money by looking at fuel alternatives. It’s no secret that feeling a larger vehicle is significantly more expensive than fueling a smaller one. Agricultural vehicles are usually on the larger side and need specific fuel.

Tractor and reefer fuel is your most common fuels on heavy machinery and larger vehicles. However, these fuel types are not interchangeable, and you need to understand which vehicles except which fuel. In addition, using the wrong fuel type on some vehicles can cause permanent damage.

Please continue reading to learn the differences between tractor fuel and reefer fuel. Understanding the purposes of these fuel types will help you maximize the lifespan of your vehicles.

Tractor Fuel vs Reefer Fuel

Reefer Fuel Purpose

Reefer Fuel Purpose

You can usually identify reefer fuel because people die at red to distinguish it from other types of agricultural fuels. However, people do not use this fuel for vehicles that drive on the road, and they use it for machinery that operates off the road.

For example, if you have any farming equipment that can run on its reefer fuel, this would be the best option. However, you should never put reefer fuel in a vehicle that operates on the road. This type of fuel can destroy road vehicles.

Farmers usually use reefer fuel on their off-road machinery because it’s much more affordable than tractor fuel. Cutting the cost of fuel is a great way to keep the farming industry alive and well. Farmers have plenty of costs to concern themselves with, so wherever they can cut these costs is a big help.

Another popular use for reefer fuel is adding it to a refrigeration system and a truck to keep things cool. While the reefer fuel can’t power the truck itself, it can power the refrigeration system.

Tractor Fuel Purpose

Tractor Fuel Purpose

Tractor fuel is a type of diesel that isn’t as high grade as diesel fuel that goes into semi-trucks. Big rigs rely on high-quality diesel that you’ll find at most gas stations. However, you can find grade 2 diesel fuel for tractors at some gas stations in agricultural areas.

You can use tractor fuel on vehicles that drive on the regular road, making it significantly different from reefer fuel. Check your vehicle fuel specifications to ensure you don’t overload it with the incorrect fuel type. Your vehicle fuel should be customized to the type of vehicle you drive.

Tractor fuel is higher grade than the fuel you put in a daily driver. So, you can usually expect tractor fuel to cost more than the fuel you put in your car.

Differences Between Reefer and Tractor Fuel

Differences Between Reefer and Tractor Fuel

The only similarity between reefer and tractor fuel is that they’re often used on agricultural machinery and vehicles. Aside from that, there are plenty of differences between these fuel types that you need to understand before adding them to your engine. You should never add the wrong fuel type to your engine because it can ruin your vehicle.

The chart below will demonstrate the biggest differences between these fuel types and how you can identify them.

Purpose Dye
Reefer Fuel Refrigerated Vehicles Sometimes
Tractor Fuel Diesel Vehicles No

Type of Vehicles

Reefer fuel is a popular option for people who drive refrigerated vehicles. However, this fuel won’t go into the tank, and it will go into the refrigeration system instead. Therefore, you cannot drive on the road using a vehicle with reefer fuel In the engine.

On the other hand, you can use tractor fuel for various agricultural vehicles that can also go on the road. It’s completely safe to use this fuel on vehicles that aren’t meant for strictly off-roading purposes. However, some off-roading vehicles do prefer this type of fuel as well.

Where to Get Reefer Fuel

Not every gas station you visit can accommodate your reefer fuel needs. However, if you visit a gas station that accommodates diesel vehicles so also has a reefer fuel pump available for your agricultural and refrigeration needs.

Plenty of people that operate trucks and farming equipment need reefer fuel as an affordable option to power their equipment. Otherwise, they could spend extra money on diesel fuel when it’s not necessary. Gas stations understand the demand for reefer fuel and typically have options to accommodate refrigerated truck drivers.

However, if you’re a local diesel gas station that doesn’t have reefer fuel, you can purchase this option from companies specializing in off-roading vehicles. You will not find reefer fuel at a gas station that doesn’t offer a diesel truck area.

Where to Get Tractor Fuel

Where to Get Tractor Fuel

Tractor fuel is significantly easier to come across than reefer fuel because it’s needed for more situations. In addition, you can find tractor fuel at most gas stations because it’s a lower-grade diesel that can accommodate smaller semi-trucks and farming equipment.

If you’re new to the farming industry, you would be surprised by how readily available tractor fuel is. You might not even have to change the gas station you regularly visit to supply fuel to your farming vehicles and trucks.

Benefits of Agricultural Vehicles

Benefits of Agricultural Vehicles

Now that you understand how easy it is to find fuel for agricultural vehicles, let’s discuss why these are important. Agricultural vehicles play a huge role in society and how we receive our food. The Same goes for industrial vehicles like semi-trucks that also rely on these fuel types.

Protect Produce

You cannot receive fresh produce from the farm if farmers don’t have the right equipment to get it into your hands. So instead, they rely on these agricultural vehicles that use tractor fuel and roof or fuel to provide you sustenance.

Additionally, you rely on fuels that you use, diesel, to get your product to the necessary location. For example, most big rigs that visit grocery stores rely on diesel fuel to get your product where it needs to go.

Accomplish Tasks

Accomplish Tasks

When farming equipment initially hit the market, farmers could produce more crops than ever before. This fact remains true today, and farmers rely on their tools to accomplish tasks quicker than they would by hand.

Without proper farming equipment, it would be difficult for people in the industry to supply enough food to potential buyers. Instead, they rely on vehicles and tools that use reefer and tractor fuel to accomplish daily farming tasks.


One of the best parts of owning farming equipment is that they are extremely reliable compared to other vehicles. In addition, farmers have to deal with fewer breakdowns than people who use daily drivers because they don’t encounter as many environmental hazards.

Additionally, farming equipment is extremely durable, which increases its reliability. Heavy-duty farm equipment relies on low-grade diesel to accomplish tasks around the farm. Meanwhile, farmers rely on reactor fuel to supply other benefits to their equipment, such as refrigeration and off-roading tasks.

Easy Maintenance

Easy Maintenance

The final benefit we will discuss is that agricultural vehicles are easy to maintain. Agricultural vehicles are easier to maintain than other options because they rely on fewer parts and use high-quality fuel types. When you only put high-quality supplies in your vehicles, they’re guaranteed to last a long time.

Additionally, agricultural vehicles don’t need to keep up with other technology. Constantly updating agricultural vehicles is unnecessary, and most farmers don’t participate in this practice. In fact, you’ll find some old-school farmers prefer tractors that they’ve had their entire lives that still run perfectly.

Why is Reefer Fuel Dyed?

Why is Reefer Fuel Dyed

Some gas stations die their reefer fuel because putting it in a vehicle that goes on the road can be hazardous. Dying this fuel red helps people avoid putting it in the wrong types of vehicles. For example, it’s common practice for people to visit a gas station with canisters to bring gasoline home.

Changing the color of this fuel helps protect people from putting the wrong fuel in the wrong orifices. The red color can be a large caution to not put this fuel in a car or truck. It’s important for people to remain safe when driving on the road to protect themselves, their vehicles, and others.

The red color of reefer fuel also helps you distinguish it from other gasolines so that you can put it in a refrigeration system. Putting regular fuel in a refrigeration system can damage the entire system and make you purchase a replacement.

Final Thoughts

Reefer fuel and tractor fuel are common options for people operating farming equipment on or off the road. However, you should never use reefer fuel for vehicles on the road. In these situations, it would be best to use tractor fuel instead. Reefer fuel is a popular option for refrigeration systems because it can help refrigerated truck drivers save money.

Tractor fuel is more expensive than reefer fuel because it’s of higher quality and serves a different purpose. Fortunately, you can purchase both fuel types from your local gas station if they service diesel trucks. If you can’t find these fuel types at a gas station, it would be best to ask your local outdoor vehicle salesperson.

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