Thetford 135 vs 345 – Which Portable Toilet Should You Get?

thetford 135 vs 345
thetford 135 vs 345

Most camping enthusiasts already have motorhomes and RVs with them. This is because these vehicles come with numerous features installed in them. Most of these are provided to the user so that they can have an enjoyable experience on their trips. Some of these include having rooms that you can rest in. Additionally, you also have tons of appliances in your vehicle that can be used whenever you want to.

Although, keep in mind that most of these features depend on what type of vehicle you purchase. Most dealers will ask you to choose between different equipment that will be installed on your motorhome. When it comes to the toiletry system in your vehicle, two of the best options that you can choose between are Thetford 135 and 345. This is why we will be using this article to provide you with a comparison between them. Going through it should help you in selecting a toilet that will work best for you.

Thetford 135 vs 345: Portable Toilet Comparison

Thetford 135 Portable Toilet

Thetford is a famous company that has been known for manufacturing some of the best toilet systems for its users. Keep in mind that these are designed to be used in RVs, trucks, or boats mostly. The reason behind this is that the brand ensures the toilet systems are light in weight. Additionally, they have a low water consumption which can end up saving its user a lot of water from their fresh tank. The company has a huge lineup of devices that you can select from.

Additionally, each of these has unique features that make them different. This is why people must go through these devices carefully. The process will ensure that you purchase a device that will work best for you. The Thetford 135 toilet falls under the portable lineup. These are quite different when compared to standard toilets. This is because you can move the toilet whenever you want to.

Although, the main disadvantage of having these is that the user has to manually flush its black tank system. This has to be done frequently as the black tank is placed under the toilet. On the other hand, a fixed toilet has a larger black tank that will keep on storing all the waste. With that being said, the main reason why people purchase a cassette toilet is that these require no additional plumbing. You can install them in your vehicle whenever you want to by simply purchasing them.

Thetford 345 Portable Toilet

Thetford 345 is another famous toilet system from the same company. This is quite similar to the 135 models and you will notice that these also look almost identical. Both of these devices are portable models which are also known as cassette toilets. Although, the 345 lineup is considered to be an upgrade over the 135 models. This is because you now have a level indication installed on the toilet system. This will inform the user whenever the black tank has started to fill up.

Considering this, you will know exactly when to empty the tank instead of having to check this from time to time. Keep in mind, that the process is still manual and you can not automate it. The flushing system on this toilet uses a piston pump instead of the bellow pump from the 135 models. The piston provides much stronger and easier flushing that you can manually control. The only downside this model has over the 135 lineups is its high price.

If you are comfortable with paying more for these extra features then the 345 models will be best for you. Going through the information provided above should help you in purchasing a model that will best suit your usage. Keep in mind that Thetford has other lineups available as well. Some of these are a mixture of these two models while others are completely different.

If you do not like the features on either of these cassette toilets then you should give other models a check. This should also help you in finding a device according to your preferences. Finally, the brand also has a customer support service. You can contact them to ask any questions related to these products. The team should try their best to answer all of these and they can also help you in selecting a toilet for yourself.

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