3 Measures To Solve Sunbeam Microwave Not Heating Issue

sunbeam microwave not heating
sunbeam microwave not heating

Whether you are traveling in a motorhome or staying at your home, some appliances are necessary. One of these includes microwave ovens, these devices come with a list of features. Some of these are heating your food or even cooking them. Although, most of the features are included on a microwave depending on what brand you get it from.

Talking about this, one of the best companies known for manufacturing these devices is Sunbeam. The American manufacturer has been making electrical appliances since 1910 which shows their dedication. While the appliances from Sunbeam might be great to use, there are also some issues that you can get on them. One recent problem that people have been reporting is that the Sunbeam microwave is not heating. If you are getting the same issue then here are some simple steps to fix it.

Reasons for Sunbeam Microwave Not Heating with Solutions

1. Check Power and Wirings

Your microwave oven not heating food can be quite annoying to deal with. Although, you should note that the most common reason why people get this issue is due to their wirings. Considering this, you can start by checking if the device is plugged in or not. Sometimes the issue can be from having a loose power cable.

Aside from this, you can then move on to testing your electrical outlets. There are several tests that you can run on these to confirm if there are any issues with them or not. This includes using a voltmeter to take readings or plugging in a lamp and observing its bulb. If your outlet is broken them simply replacing it with a new one should help in getting rid of the problem. You can continue using your microwave on some other outlet meanwhile.

2. Check Microwave Settings

If your microwave oven is running but there is still no heat on it then there is a high chance that you might have configured it incorrectly. These devices have a control panel on them that can be used to switch between different modes and heat options.

Considering this, if you are having trouble trying to configure these then you should consult the manual provided along with the device. Sometimes people are running their microwave on a different mode that has low heat on it. Simply switching the mode back to the default heating option should allow you to fix the problem.

3. Check Microwave Door

Finally, if you are still getting the same issue then there is a chance that your device might be faulty. Although, before you contact the support team for Sunbeam. One final thing that you can try is checking the door on your device. Leaving the door open can also prevent your microwave from heating.

Keeping this in mind, make sure that you shut down the door tightly. Additionally, there should be nothing blocking the door from closing properly. If the problem is still not fixed then you should contact Sunbeam and tell them about it. They should provide you with a solution or ask you to send your device for repairs.

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