Microwave for Your RV: RV Microwave or Home Microwave?

Microwave for Your RV: RV Microwave or Home Microwave?
Microwave for Your RV: RV Microwave or Home Microwave?

RV Microwave vs. Home Microwave

Since the microwave oven arrived in our kitchens, the lifestyles of thousands of people have changed greatly, to the point that many of us find it hard to imagine life without this artifact. In fact, it is no longer a novelty. The benefits of the microwave are based on its speed in heating food and the convenience and simplicity of its use. Thus, this appliance has managed to adapt to the current way of life, not so much for use in haute cuisine but in some simple and quick recipes, and in any case, rather aimed at reheating and defrosting food already prepared.

It’s sometimes so miraculous because of the speed of how fast it heats food, we can’t help to wonder how it works? Unlike other conventional ovens, it has a source of electromagnetic waves that are emitted and they cause friction between the water molecules inside the food, producing heat that moves to the entire meal or drink.

We are so used to counting on this appliance that it is only common people want to have one inside their RVs during their long trips on the road. You can easily heat some leftovers in 2-3 minutes instead of using an oven or the stove and don’t really have to keep an eye on it, just set the time and wait for the beeping noise when it’s ready. There has also been a debate about whether are there really any differences between RV microwaves and home microwaves which are the ones everyone is most familiar with. The answer is yes, there are some differences although not many. And everything depends on your RV and needs.

Vibration resistant

This is probably the only major difference that is something we can’t spot right away. It is said that RV microwaves are designed to resist bumpy trips, they will endure the vibrations of constant traveling.


We have to remember RVs have limited space so it’s no surprise that this appliance is found in smaller sizes than conventional home microwaves which are usually bigger and can fit more stuff inside. So, you have to be aware of it if you are traveling with a big group.


Another important factor to consider, since you are on the road you don’t have unlimited power, it’s the same thing if you are on a camping site. You need to be aware of how many watts the microwave will need and the fewer watts it has the more it will take to heat your food. But not just that, if you have a microwave that requires a lot of power, it can be dangerous and cause a short-circuit.

Keep in mind all these points and do some research and tests on what works for you, your family and your RV!

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