SteadyFast vs JT Strongarm: Their Main Differences

steadyfast vs jt strongarm
steadyfast vs jt strongarm

Most camping enthusiasts own large vehicles like motorhomes and RVs. These come with numerous features that help people in staying relaxed throughout their trips. Some of these include having lots of storage that you can keep all of your luggage in. Additionally, all the rooms in your vehicle are furnished. This allows people to rest and stay comfortable even while they are traveling. Another great feature is the ability to use electrical appliances on your vehicle.

With that being said, there are also some problems that you can get on your motorhome. One of these is that people notice their vehicle being too unstable. Considering this, a simple solution is installing a pair of stabilizers on your motorhome. When it comes to these, two of the best ones that you can get are either from SteadyFast or JT Strong Arm. We will be using this article to provide you with information on these two so that it can be easier for you to select one.

The Differences Between SteadyFast vs JT Strongarm


Many people question if there is any benefit of installing stabilizers on your motorhome. The short answer for this is yes, most people who have these devices installed report getting a much better experience. The stabilizers ensure that your vehicle stays fixed in its place and does not move around even if someone is walking in it.

This is done by creating a more solid connection between your motorhome and the ground under it. The additional contact points installed on your vehicle ensure that the stability on it is much better. With that being said, one of the most popular stabilizers that you can get is from SteadyFast. The brand is focused on providing its users with the best stabilizers that are both easy to use and reliable.

One of the main selling points for this device is how simple it is to deploy them. Putting on the stabilizers requires almost no effort. Additionally, the brand also has a video guide available on its website. Watching it carefully will ensure that you can easily install the stabilizers on your motorhome without running into any problems. The company guarantees that most of the wiggling and rocking on your vehicle will be removed once you put on these stabilizers.

JT Strong Arm

JT Strong Arm is another famous stabilizer set that you can get for your motorhomes. The product is manufactured by the brand Lippert. Most RV owners that have been using automated leveling systems or third-party accessories on their vehicle should already know how amazing this company is. One of the best things about the JT Strong Arm stabilizer jacks is the number of options provided to the user. You can choose between several sizes for this product which ensures that you do not have to worry about this being supported.

Additionally, Lippert also has a customer support service that you can contact whenever you want to. This will help you in getting answers to any queries in your mind. Furthermore, if you happen to run into any problems with the product, then the support team will try their best to help you out. When it comes to purchasing these products, you can order them directly from their official websites. You can also search for dealers nearby you that might have these available in case you want to check these in person.

The only downside of going for the JT Strong Arm stabilizer jacks is that these can be a little complicated to install. The procedure will both take time and a lot of effort. However, once you understand the installation method, it should get easier for you. In the end, selecting one product out of these two is up to the user’s preference. Both of them are great and have their benefits. The jacks from Lippert are more durable and should provide you with better stability.

However, the SteadyFast ones are much easier to install and take only a few seconds to deploy. Considering these facts, most people straight up go for the SteadyFast stabilizers. Although, if you are someone who has no issue with the difficult installation process on JT Strong Arm then getting it is a better option. This is because these stabilizers are much more rigid and should last you a long time as well.

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