How To Manually Retract Power Gear Jacks?

how to manually retract power gear jacks
how to manually retract power gear jacks

Purchasing a recreational vehicle or motorhome is a huge investment. Though, people who usually purchase these intend to take out their vehicle on trips frequently.

The great thing about these vehicles is the number of features they come with. Though you should keep in mind how important it is to keep them maintained as well.

The user has to clean their batteries and even fill their engine with new oil after the mileage has been exceeded. Aside from this, many maintenance steps require you to lift your vehicle.

This can be hard to do on a manual jack which is why people decide to go for automatic ones instead. There are many companies which manufacture these products. This is why you must look into their specifications before selecting one.

Power Gear Jacks

Lippert is a famous company from the US that owns Power Gear. The brand manufactures components related to RVs which mostly include stabilization equipment and jacks.

All of these are equipped with numerous features to help out the users. Additionally, the company even provides people with warranty services.

You can claim this in case of any issue with their products. After which the company will look into the details of your problem. There are certain guidelines provided by Power Gear that need to be fulfilled before the user can claim their warranty.

All the information is provided to the user when they purchase a product from them. Considering this, going through the manual should help you in checking if your product falls under the warranty service or not. If it does then the company should be able to get your problem fixed.

How to Manually Retract Power Gear Jacks

In some cases, the user might not want to claim the warranty or it might have run out. This is why you should keep in mind that manually retracting the jacks from Power Gear can also fix most issues with the devices.

You should even try doing this before you contact the company. The procedure can be a little tricky but following it carefully should allow you to reset the system.

Start by observing the valve area of your Power Gear jacks. This is usually located near the pump and you will see that there are three valve jacks there.

These should be lined together with each other and you can access the dump valve on them. The user has to take off the lid from this valve by unscrewing the bolts on it. Once done, you can turn the knob a few times which should be under the lid.

If done correctly, the user will notice that the dump valves for their Power Gear jacks will open up. You can the proceed to press and then hold on to the rubber boots on their valves. This should allow all the jacks to start retracting.

You will notice that the system completely retracts after some time fixing the issue you were getting. If the dump valve is not opening then try turning the knob further times and make sure that it is clockwise.

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