Common Splendide 2000s Problems Troubleshooting

splendide 2000s troubleshooting
splendide 2000s troubleshooting

Most people decide to go out on camping trips during their vacations. Although, when it comes to camping enthusiasts, these users enjoy staying on their trips for a much longer time. This can be from a few days to even weeks or months at times.

Considering this, one of the most essential things for them is having a large vehicle. These will allow them to carry all the equipment required during their trips.

You have the option to either purchase a motorhome or a camper. Both of these come with lots of electrical appliances that you might need. These make the user feel like they are taking their own homes on their trips.

Talking about this, one device that many people wonder if they want or not is a dryer and washer. Most people might have these at their homes but is it worth getting a special device just for your RVs.

More About the Splendide 2000s

Answering the question above, purchasing a dryer and washer for your motorhome will be worth it. This is especially when you are someone who enjoys staying on their trips for a long time.

When it comes to these devices, there are not many companies that manufacture them. Keep in mind that this refers to washers made specifically for RVs.

The main difference between a regular and RV-designed washer will be the power consumption on them. Additionally, the technology behind their work will also be a little different.

Talking about this, one of the best washers that you can get is the 2000s series dryer and washer combo from Splendide. This has tons of features that ensure you will have a smooth experience with it.

While the electricity requirements on this device are quite low, you should note that it is still not safe to run it on your batteries.

Mostly when you are trying to start a powerful device like this, it is better that you have a generator installed in your vehicle as well. With that being said, there are a few more problems that you can run into with this device.

Considering this, if you are unfamiliar with the issue, you will have to stop using your equipment and get it fixed when you are back home.

This is why you should understand some common problems that you can get on your washer and how these can be fixed. These Splendide 2000s troubleshooting steps will help you in both fixing the issue as well as preventing it from happening again.

Just make sure that you carefully go through these as it is quite easy to skip over a few steps.

Splendide 2000s Troubleshooting

When it comes to issues that can be found on a washer like this, the most common that you can run into is that the device is not switching on. This can be quite annoying to deal with but the problem is mostly easy to fix.

The first thing that you should check is the electrical wirings on your socket. Make sure that the power cable is tightly installed as this being loose will cut your connection. Sometimes the wire can also get damaged but if that is the case then you should be able to notice small cuts or breaks on it.

Keep in mind that this will only happen if you had a lot of weight on your cables, alternatively, if there were too many bends on it when routing it. Considering this, if you do notice that your cable is damaged, then replacing it with a new one should fix the problem.

Moving on with our Splendide 2000s troubleshooting guide, sometimes the issue can also be from the backend. This includes your socket being damaged or the batteries not being able to handle all the pressure. As for any configuration problems on your device, check what mode you are using.

There are many different settings that you can select between. This is why if you were on the wrong configuration then that might cause issues for you. If the problem still appears then reset the device using the button provided on its main control panel.

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    • Hi Keith.
      I have the same problem with my Splendide washer/dryer. Did you ever solve the problem? If so – please share the solution by sending me an email.

  1. Yes, I found the same thing with my Splendid 2000S. But if you wait about a minute or so it automatically unlocks. Do not force the door to open. It must be on a time lock.


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