Solitude vs Solitude S-Class: What Makes Them Different?

solitude vs solitude s-class
solitude vs solitude s-class

If you’re looking for a fifth-wheel RV, Grand Design makes the Solitude and Solitude S-class for recreational purposes. These travel trailers are extremely popular because you can use your regular vehicle to tow them and leave them at the campground when they’re not in use.

In addition, finding RV parking in many commercial areas is difficult, so leaving your camper behind is convenient. However, before purchasing, you should understand some key differences between the Solitude and Solitude S-class.

You must purchase the best RV that fits your lifestyle to stay comfortable while traveling. Please continue reading to learn everything you need about the Solitude and Solitude S-class. In addition, we will teach you how to purchase the best RV for your situation.

Differences Between Solitude vs Solitude S-Class

There are two main differences you need to worry about when it comes to Solitude and Solitude S-class. For example, you’ll notice in the chart below that the Solitude S-class lacks the same amount of space offered by Solitude. Many consider the Solitude S-class the economical option compared to its relative.

Solitude Solitude S-Class
Size 18 Cubic Feet 12 Cubic Feet
Width Wide Wide
Comfort Features More Less

Both fifth-wheel trailers are excellent options for traveling on the road, but the regular Solitude model offers more features. If you trust the Grand Design brand of travel trailers, you won’t have any concerns about using either camper.

These travel trailers come from the same brand, so you don’t have to worry about too many inconsistencies. The main thing you need to worry about when making your decision is whether you need more space.

Similarities Between Solitude and Solitude S-Class

Trailer Solitude

Even though the grand design Solitude and Solitude S-class are two entirely different models of fifth-wheel trailers, there are plenty of similarities.

  • Both trailers offer enough room to sleep and eat: Whenever you purchase a fifth-wheel trailer, you should ensure that there is a spot for you to eat and a spot for you to sleep. These are the most important functions you need to perform throughout your day. The main point of a travel trailer is to have the comfort of home while you travel.
  • The same company makes these travel trailers: you can expect similar reliability when you purchase trailers from the same company. Grand Design Has a good reputation for fifth-wheel travel trailers, so you don’t have to worry.
  • These travel trailers use automatic leveling: it’s dangerous to drive when you have a travel trailer that doesn’t stay level with the ground. Fortunately, both models offer automatic leveling so that you don’t have to change your setup manually. You’ll have an easier time operating a trailer with automatic leveling than you would with the manual option.
  • You haul these trailers behind your daily vehicle: purchasing a full-fledged RV isn’t the right choice for everybody. When you purchase a Solitude model, you can tow it behind your daily driver. This makes it convenient to travel, so you don’t have to haul your daily driver behind your car.

As you can see, there are plenty of similarities when choosing these trailers despite being different models. If these trailers seem similar enough for you, you may want to get the cheaper option. However, there are situations where you’ll want to purchase the standard option instead of the S-class.

When To Purchase a Standard Solitude

Consider the standard Solitude a better version of the S-class. There are plenty of reasons why you should purchase the standard instead of the S-class to stay comfortable while you travel. Travel comfort is one of the most important considerations when choosing a travel trailer.

1. You Want Extra Comfort

the enhanced window system

Standard Solitude models have plenty of comfort amenities to keep you satisfied while traveling. Thanks to the enhanced window system, you can enjoy your surroundings from the comfort of your travel trailer.

Having larger windows makes it easier to get natural light through your trailer so that you can enjoy your campsite during all weather. You can also expect upgraded appliances when you purchase a standard Solitude instead of the S-class.

These appliances can make your daily life easier while traveling. If you travel every day, you may want to get the standard Solitude to maintain your comfort.

2. You Need A lot of Cargo

You Need A lot of Cargo

The standard Solitude offers way more room than the S-class. So, if you bring a lot of supplies with you while you travel, you should upgrade your trailer to accommodate your supplies. The last thing you should worry about is not having enough space for necessary items while camping.

3. You Take Long Trips

You Take Long Trips

When you take long travel vacations, you should allow yourself plenty of space and comfort. Staying in a tight space for too long can drive you crazy if you don’t have an outlet. The longer trips you take, the more room you should allow yourself in your fifth-wheel trailer.

You’ll also need to bring more supplies when you go on longer trips. To ensure that your supplies fit your camper, purchase the standard Solitude instead of the S-class.

4. More Than Two People Use The RV

Two People Use The RV

Having more than two people in an RV can feel extremely crowded, and you’ll need a larger vehicle to accommodate these bodies.

Even if you enjoy everyone’s company a lot, it can be easy to get irritated when you’re in a tight space together. Purchase the standard Solitude if you’re traveling with at least three people to stay comfortable.

When To Purchase a Solitude S-Class

After reading the previous section, purchasing a standard Solitude instead of the S-class might seem like a no-brainer. However, there are also plenty of situations where the Solitude S-class is the better option. We will discuss the benefits of purchasing a Solitude S-class over its relative below.

Each 5th-wheel trailer offers lifestyle accommodations for people from all walks of life. Try looking at your lifestyle objectively before purchasing a travel trailer.

1. You Want to Downsize

You Want to Downsize

Some people prefer traveling in an RV alone. In this situation, you don’t need that much space to stay comfortable during your travels. If you want to downsize your RV or travel trailer, consider getting the Solitude S-class.

Some people prefer downsizing their vehicles because they don’t require many supplies or much space. If this sentiment resonates with you, then purchasing the S-class would be better than purchasing the standard model.

2. Bell and Whistles Don’t Appeal to You

fifth-wheel trailer

Some people prefer the standard Solitude because of all the bells and whistles you can expect from the larger model. However, these bells and whistles aren’t a necessary feature of RV ownership, and if you feel comfortable going without them, you’re fine.

The Solitude of this class still offers plenty of features for people who live a minimal lifestyle. You should only purchase a fifth-wheel trailer with the comfort items that appeal to you.

You can also upgrade your appliances whenever you want, so purchasing an RV with better appliances might not be worth it. Customizing your appliances can give your RV a personalized feel.

3. You Want to Save Money

You Want to Save Money

There is a huge price difference between the Solitude S-class and the standard Solitude fifth-wheel trailer. If you want to save money, you would be better off purchasing the Solitude S-class and saving thousands of dollars.

Purchasing an RV that’s out of your price range can put you in an uncomfortable financial situation that you should avoid. To get an idea of what price range you should look at, it would be best to speak with a lending company about your options.

Your interest rates can fluctuate depending on the lender you choose. You’ll want to find the lowest interest rates possible to get a monthly estimate of travel trailer payments.

4. You Don’t Take Long Trips

You Don’t Take Long Trips

A large percentage of travel trailer owners don’t use their trailers often. For example, many people only use their travel trailers for a family road trip once a year. If you don’t use your fifth-wheel trailer often, there’s no point in purchasing the more expensive option.

For example, if you only take week-long trips a few times a year, you’d be better off purchasing the Solitude S-class instead of the standard. Consider your trip length before purchasing a fifth-wheel trailer to ensure you don’t waste money. You can enjoy your family road trip in a smaller trailer that offers fewer features for short trips.

Final Thoughts

The Solitude and Solitude S-class are both excellent options when you’re looking for a fifth-wheel travel trailer. Fifth-wheel travel trailers are a great choice for people who want to tow a trailer behind their vehicle instead of towing their vehicle behind an RV. It’s easy to disconnect your travel trailer from your vehicle whenever you want.

If you need extra space in your travel trailer, you would be best purchasing the standard Solitude. Alternatively, if you’re looking to downsize your travel trailer or don’t need much room, consider saving money with the Solitude S-class. Always consider your situation before purchasing a recreational vehicle.

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