Why Choose a Full-Time RV Travel Lifestyle?

Why Choose a Full-Time RV Travel Lifestyle?
Why Choose a Full-Time RV Travel Lifestyle?

Life-Changing Reasons to Go Full-Time RV Travel Lifestyle

The reasons why people choose to live the full-time RV lifestyle are many; some want what they see as freedom. Others want to travel during their retirement years. The digital nomad lifestyle appeals to many and some people think they will save money. Let’s take a look at a few of the most common reasons people choose to live full-time in RVs.


The idea of cutting all ties and going anywhere they want to appeals to many people. The RV lifestyle can free you of the obligations associated with a place; you are no longer obligated to neighbors, a city or a job.  Of course, you still need money to live this lifestyle. Some people will work temporary jobs on the road, and others live on their social security or disability payments. Others have saved money and made financial investments in order to gain this type of freedom. The ability to just pick up and go when people or a place become difficult is a very appealing option.


Many people choose to live full-time in an RV during their retirement years. Once their children are grown and on their own, they will sell their house and everything in it, in order to buy an RV. The RV retirees are seeking freedom too, but often, they have carefully planned many years for this. They are free to spend their retirement years traveling to all the places they couldn’t go to while they were working and raising children. They are free to live a “second childhood” too; many retirees will spend their time riding motorcycles or ATVs, kayaking and fishing, and doing all the things they never had time to do before.

Digital Nomads

People who are able to earn a living working online also may choose to live full-time in an RV. The ability to work while traveling is an awesome option for someone too young to retire. Some digital nomads have made a deal with their employer, allowing them to “work at home” on the road. Others work independently, doing things like web design, affiliate marketing, photography, consulting, and anything else that can be done totally online. Digital nomads often plan their travel routes around their cell providers coverage map, going places where they can get good data coverage.

Saving Money

The working poor is also attracted to the full-time RV lifestyle; they may live in a city with a high cost of living and are having a hard time paying all of their bills. Even if they pay rent at an RV park, it’s generally cheaper than paying rent on an apartment. Also, it’s easier to move if the neighbors are bad. Likewise, many will choose to live on the city streets in their RVs in order to save money; however, this can be problematic, because there are often city ordinances against that. You certainly can save money living in an RV, but there will always be costs and trade-offs.

The RV lifestyle can be fun and fulfilling, but whatever your reasons for choosing the RV lifestyle, proceed with your eyes open; you will never be 100% completely free of responsibility, either personal or financial.


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