R-Pod vs Casita- Which One To Go For?

rpod vs casita
rpod vs casita

Most people who enjoy going out camping like staying there for several days. Although, when it comes to this, you must get yourself a vehicle that can carry all of your equipment.

One of the best options is getting yourself an RV or motorhome. These are large vehicles that come with rooms in them. Driving around them will make you feel like you are taking your home with yourself.

Although, people who already have trucks with themselves might not want another vehicle this large. This is why another option is getting a travel trailer. These are mostly the same as RVs but the main difference is a lack of an engine.

You have to tow these down to your truck instead. Talking about this, two of the best small-sized travel trailers are R-Pod and Casita. If you are confused between these two then going through this article will help you in selecting one.

R-Pod vs Casita


Forest River is one of the best RV manufacturers in America. Almost every single vehicle from them has a high rating which shows how amazing they are. Considering this, you can visit their website and browse through it to find all the vehicles listed.

There are even tabs to narrow down different types of vehicles, making it easier for you to choose between them. The R-Pod or also known as RPOD is one of the smaller-sized travel trailers that the company has come up with.

Considering this, you will have less space in the vehicle but it will be much cheaper and easy to store. This makes it a great option for users who either go alone or take only a single person with them. The best thing about this travel trailer is the amount of customization that can be done. Just like all the other vehicles from Forest River.

You can also choose between different floor plans for this travel trailer. This allows you to entirely change the layout of your vehicle depending on how you like it. You can check all the details about this on their website.

Furthermore, you can even add extra equipment to your vehicle once you are done with selecting a floor plan. Though, keep in mind that every single one of this equipment will cost you an additional amount. Although, the company does provide their users with discounts and warranty when getting these from them directly.


Casita is another famous company that is known for its travel trailers. Although, when it comes to this brand, you should note that they only have travel trailers and nothing else.

Considering this, one great thing is that the company is focused on making these trailers better. While there are some larger models that you can choose from, most of the lineups from Casita are small travel trailers.

You can check their website for all the information required about these vehicles. There are numerous lineups that you can choose from.

Additionally, there are also variations in these vehicles. You will find a standard model and a deluxe one. The deluxe contains additional equipment but the price is also higher. One great thing about the travel trailers from Casita is that even though these are small factors.

Their height is still above six foot which makes it easy for tall people to walk around in. When comparing the vehicles from Casita with R-Pod, you should note that Casita has an edge.

This is because the entire brand is focused on manufacturing these vehicles providing you with multiple options. This includes differences in floorplans as well as designs.

On the other hand, Forest River only has the R-Pod which you might be able to change the floorplan for. However, the overall design on it will remain the same.

Considering this, you can browse through both websites and check out the vehicles on them. These contain images and lists of specifications for the travel trailer, making it much easier to see which one will be better for your use.

In the end, the choice is up to you as finding a vehicle that suits your taste is better in this condition. Both Casita and R-Pod are great travel trailers and even have customer support services that can be contacted to deal with any issues.

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