3 Ways To Fix Roadtrek Battery Not Charging

roadtrek battery not charging
roadtrek battery not charging

It can be pretty hard for people on a budget to find good RVs. Most of the high-end RVs are out of the budget for average customers. Fortunately, all hope is not lost, you can still buy a reliable Roadtrek RV within a reasonable budget.

Even though the size is smaller as compared to other full-sized motorhomes, this vehicle can easily accommodate 2 people on a camping trip. However, if you have wanted to take more than 2 people with you then this might not be a suitable vehicle for you.

As mentioned, Roadtrek is a very reliable camping partner, but some users mentioned having issues with the Roadtrek battery not charging. That is why we will be going through some steps that can help you.

How to Fix Roadtrek Battery Not Charging?

  1. Check Connection Points

If you’ve had the Roadtrek for a long time, then it is likely that the battery issue is because of corrosion on the connection points. Not many people focus on the proper maintenance of their vehicles.

If you’re in the same boat then you will have to take care of those corroded connection points to get everything working again. The battery is unable to charge because the power can’t flow properly from the connection points. Luckily, it shouldn’t be that difficult to fix the corrosion problem for your battery.

The simplest way to remove this problem is by using a mixture of water and some baking soda. Some other solutions can also be used to clean the connection points, but if you’re unable to find any then you can use the mixture of baking soda and water.

Make sure to not dilute the mixture too much. Then you can use a brush to rub this watery paste onto the connection points to remove the corrosion. Depending upon the severity of the corrosion, you should be able to get it off from the connection points. Then you can attach the cables again to see if it is charging or not.

  1. Check Alternator

Among other reasons, a faulty alternator can also cause similar issues for your Roadtrek battery. Using a multimeter will allow you to verify whether or not your alternator is working as it should. A multimeter is the most basic tool that can help you a lot through different troubleshooting steps.

So, if you don’t have one, then you should buy it from the nearest utility store. Now, to check the integrity of the alternator, you can link the multimeter to the battery terminal. You should be getting about 12 volts reading on the multimeter with the engine off.

Now, you can start the engine and connect the multimeter again with the battery terminal. If your alternator is not defective, then the reading on the multimeter should be around 14 to 15 volts at this stage.

If that is not the case, then you will have to buy a replacement for your Roadtrek or it won’t charge properly. You also have the option of using different charging methods like a generator or solar panels.

  1. Replace Battery

Usually, the problem with the Roadtrek battery is related to only one power source. But if you can’t charge the battery from any source after cleaning the corroded terminals then it is probable that the battery is defective. This is especially true for users that had this vehicle for several years.

The only logical solution at this point is to buy a battery replacement. It will indeed be expensive but you will benefit from this for several coming years. After a certain point, the batteries become unable to hold a charge and there is not much that you can do to fix them.

However, if your purchase was recent and none of the methods mentioned here help you then you can take the RV to a workshop. A mechanic will take a look at your wiring and output from the power source to isolate the charging problem for your Roadtrek battery.

The possibility is there, that everything is working properly and you were unable to charge the battery because of faulty cables. So, before buying a replacement, you should check the wiring and the connection points properly. Otherwise, you won’t be able to fix the charging problem even after buying a replacement.

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