Dealing With R Pod Slide Out Problems? Troubleshoot Now!

r pod slide out problems
r pod slide out problems

Most camping enthusiasts already own large vehicles like RVs and motorhomes. These come with numerous features that help users in having a comfortable time throughout their trips. This includes having lots of space to store all your luggage in. Additionally, you can use electrical appliances even while you are traveling. Although, when it comes to purchasing these vehicles. You will notice there are tons of models that you can select between.

This is why you must consider what your requirements are. This will help you in narrowing down most vehicles. One of the best compact trailers that you can purchase includes the R Pod. Although, some people have reported getting issues with this. This is why we will be using this article to provide you with a few steps that should help in fixing your problems with the R Pod slide out.

Common R Pod Slide Out Problems

1. Check Connections

The most common problem that people get with the slides on their vehicle is the mechanism getting stuck. These slide-outs are rooms that can be extended through the push of a single button. Considering this, the slides being stuck usually indicate having electrical issues on your vehicle. This is why the first thing that you should check is the connections of your R Pod.

There is a high chance that some electrical wires might have come off. If you do notice any cables that have been disconnected, then simply connecting them back in tightly will fix your problem. On the other hand, if your issue is from some of these wires being damaged. Then your only solution will be to replace these with new ones. People who are hesitant to do this on their own should contact a specialist instead.

2. Clean Slide Out

If all the wires for your slide-out are connected properly but you are still getting the same issue then the mechanism for this feature might be clogged with dust. This is why you must clean up the gears frequently.

Additionally, lubricating this with a good oil will also help the system to work efficiently and avoid any errors like this. However, if you are already getting the problem then you will have to manually extend the slides and then clean their parts. Make sure that you remove all the dust from the gears so that your slides can start working again.

3. Check Motor

Finally, if you are still running into issues with the slide-out on your R pod. Then the most likely reason for this can be the motor controlling the system. You will have to remove this and then test it using a voltmeter and batteries.

Considering this, if you are feeling hesitant then you should contact your dealer instead. He will thoroughly check your vehicle and then ensure that your problem is from the motor. If your trailer was still under warranty then you should easily be able to get a replacement motor from your dealer. Just make sure that you go through the guidelines for this service.

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