Forest River Furnace Not Working: 3 Ways To Fix

forest river furnace not working
forest river furnace not working

Temperature control is one of the most important things that you need to consider while upgrading your motorhome. If you like to go on camping trips where there is low temperature then having a furnace will make your trip more enjoyable.

You can regulate temperature quite easily with the help of a furnace and it is very easy to use.

However, it can be quite annoying when you are relying on your furnace to work but it gives out on you. That is why we will be giving you some solutions that can be helpful if your Forest River Furnace is not working.

Forest River Furnace Not Working

  1. Check Propane Tank

The Forest River furnace relies on a propane tank to work properly. However, it is not that rare for customers to replace the propane tank when the pressure inside the tank falls below a certain limit.

So, if you having difficulties in getting the furnace to work then try replacing the propane tank connected to the furnace.

Even if your current propane tank is not empty, the low pressure inside a half-empty propane tank can create some problems for your furnace. So, if you have a backup tank lying somewhere then now might be a good time to install it in your furnace.

Then you can try using the furnace again to see if you get any heat from the furnace. Also, try removing any gauges that cut off the propane supply if there is a surge in the demand.

  1. Check Battery

If you are having problems with the furnace and you are not connected to shore power then the most probable cause of this problem is your battery. You will need to check the voltage on each terminal of the battery. If the voltage or output is not sufficient then it can create problems for your furnace.

To isolate the problem, you can also try connecting your motorhome to shore power to see if your furnace is working or not. If the furnace is working perfectly onshore power, then you need to fix the battery issues to get the furnace working again. Keep in mind that the furnace will not light if the output from the battery is too low.

  1. Check Furnace Fuse

Even though this furnace relies on a propane supply for heat, you still need electricity for the igniter and the fan. So, if you are having trouble with the furnace not starting then you need to check for a blown fuse. Replacing the blown fuse should fix the issues with the fan and the igniter. You can use a voltage tester bulb to check for a blown fuse.

You can also fix the problem with the furnace by removing the battery connection from the control board and then connecting it again after a few minutes.

Especially if you have recently changed the propane tank, then depending upon the model of your furnace, you will need to reconnect the battery supply to the control board to fix this problem. Hopefully, that will get your furnace working again.

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