2 Ways To Fix Newmar Slide-Out Problem

newmar slide out problem
newmar slide out problem

Purchasing an RV with slide-outs is a great way to make the most of your camping space. Even though you can’t utilize the space while driving, it’s extremely beneficial when you’re parked in a spot you want to enjoy.

Even though purchasing an RV with slide-outs can be a fun way to use your vacation, there can also be problems associated with these slide-outs. Many people experience problems using the Newmar slide-out, and it can be frustrating when you’re stuck in a spot and can’t leave.

Please continue reading to learn about people’s most common problems with their Newmar slide-outs and how to resolve them. In addition, we will discuss the best times to take your RV to a mechanic for your slide-out problems.

What is a Newmar Slide-Out?

Newmar slide-outs enable you to expand your RV space whenever you’re parked. You can accomplish this task with motorized slide-outs by operating the motor and pushing it out to its maximum degree. Using these slide-outs it’s optional, and some people prefer to ignore them entirely.

However, these slide-outs can be extremely beneficial when camping with multiple people. You don’t have to worry as much about restricted space when you expand the slide-outs. Additionally, these slide-outs are typically easy to use.

Many Newmar brand RVs add slide-outs to their vehicles because they are popular with families. Catering to their consumer base is the best way to stay relevant in the RV industry. In addition, this industry is frequently expanding, so staying competitive is important for brand recognition.

Common Newmar Slide-Out Problem

Common Newmar Slide-Out Problem

You might be excited to use your slide-outs on the Newmar RV only to discover that they’re not expanding properly. You might think this is the worst of your issues, only to expand it and have difficulty closing it. This tale is its oldest time when it comes to slide-out problems.

Below, we will detail the most common problems people experience with these slide-outs so that you can fix them on the go. Our troubleshooting guide will help you with the most common Newmar slide-out complaints.

1. Slide-Out Won’t Extend

Slide-Out Wont Extend

The biggest problem people face with their Newmar RVs is the slide-out not extending. This situation can be frustrating because you won’t be able to access the entirety of your RV. Most people purchase these RVs because of the slide-outs, so depriving people of this makes them feel like they wasted their money.

However, these slide-outs not extending are not a problem exclusive to Newmar RVs. This problem is prevalent among any RV that has slide-outs. These slide-outs can be great when they work but tire someone they don’t.

Tips To Extend Your Newmar Slide-Out

Most modern slide-outs use electricity to operate. People have difficulty using manual slide-outs because the walls can get heavy. However, you’ll need to add some manual pressure when you have slide-out problems that don’t allow you to extend your RV fully.

  • Check your battery: If you’ve left your RV on for a while without driving, you could need to charge your battery. Your slide-outs operate on your RV battery and won’t work right if there’s insufficient power. Power up your RV battery and see if that helps your slide-outs work.
  • Remove debris: If you have anything trapped in your slide-out, you need to remove it, so it extends properly. Extend your slide-out as much as possible and check your crevices for any items you can dislodge.
  • Push: Sometimes, you need to use a little manual labor to get your Newmar slide-out to work correctly. If you’re camping with multiple people, you should have them team up with you to extend this slide out. It will be much easier when people work together.
  • Wait for the RV to warm up: many people experience their slide-outs not working when the weather is too cold for their doors to work correctly. If your slide-out is frozen, it would be best to wait until your RV heats up before trying to open it. If you try to open the door while it’s frozen, you can permanently damage your slide-out.

Always pay attention to your environment and circumstances before working on extending your Newmar slide-out when it’s jammed. Paying attention to your surroundings is the best way to choose the right treatment for your slide-out.

2. Slide-Out Won’t Close

Slide-Out Wont Close

Now that you understand what to do when your Newmar slide-out doesn’t open, it’s time to discuss what to do when it doesn’t close. This problem is a bit more cumbersome because you can’t drive until you close your slide out. In addition, your RV will not let you drive with the slide-out extended because it’s dangerous.

If you find yourself stranded at your campsite due to a slide-out that won’t retract, don’t worry. Unfortunately, you’re not the only person to experience this problem. RV slide-outs are notoriously hard to operate during certain situations.

Tips To Retract Your Newmar Slide-Out

Your Newmar slide-out can enhance your camping experience, but it can also cause problems when you try to leave. In addition, your RV will not work while the slide-out is extended, so clicking it back into place is crucial. Follow these tips if your slide-out isn’t retracting.

  • Check your RV electricity: if your RV battery supply is too low, it’ll be impossible to operate your slide out the way they’re intended. The reason electric slide-outs are popular is that people have difficulty manually pushing in these slide-outs. So, charge the RV battery and try again.
  • Watch out for obstructions: if you’re camping for multiple days consecutively, it’s easy to get debris and other obstructions trapped in your slide-out. Whenever you spend time outdoors, you’re likely to get debris in places you don’t expect. Remove any obstructions while the slide-out is extended so you can easily shut it.
  • Check your connections: another reason you could struggle to retract your slide-out is that you have wire connections loose somewhere in your RV. Check your RV power supply wires to ensure all connections are secure. If you notice any damaged wires, it would be best to replace them.
  • Use manual labor: we understand that manual labor for your slide-out isn’t always an option. For example, some people struggle with physical ailments that make it hard to push in the slide-outs. However, if you’re capable, it would be best to try maneuvering these slide-outs physically to get back on the road.

Unfortunately, there are situations where you can’t retract your slide-out, no matter how many times you walk through our troubleshooting process.

Sometimes you can’t fix your slide out independently, and you need someone to come along and help. Fortunately, you should know that you’re not the only person to deal with this, and help is available.

What To Do If You Cannot Retract Your Slide-Out

The Park Rangers

If you’ve already walked through the troubleshooting methods for retracting and extending your RV slide-out, it’s time to look into other options. Follow the steps below if you cannot retract your slide out.

  1. Alert the campground that you’re experiencing a problem. The Park Rangers may be able to assist you.
  2. Contact RV roadside assistance. Send them your GPS location, so they know which campsite you’re at.
  3. Roadside assistance will walk you through the rest of the process, depending on the severity of your problem.

Don’t feel embarrassed if you need to contact someone to help you when you’re in a bind. Having difficulty retracting your Newmar slide-out is extremely common, and the campground and roadside assistant will understand your problem.

Even if the Park Rangers can’t assist you with your slide-out, it’s best to alert them of the problem so they can let other people know. This way, you won’t have to worry about people driving up to a campsite while you’re stuck.

When To Contact a Mechanic

When To Contact a Mechanic

If you frequently experience problems operating your Newmar fly it out, and it would be best to take your RV to a mechanic. Call the mechanic before your visit to ensure they are familiar with the problem because some mechanics don’t operate on RVs.

You should never let your slide-out problems go unresolved because there are plenty of easy ways to fix them. You might be surprised to discover that most slide-out problems are resolved with a single trip to the mechanic. In addition, compared to other RV issues, repairing a slide-out is affordable.

Final Thoughts

Even though Newmar manufactures great RVs, there are incidents where people need to visit a mechanic to repair their slide-outs. If your slide-out doesn’t go back into place, your RV will not run.

This is a safety measure because driving with a slide-out that doesn’t lock into place is hazardous for everybody on the road. Most of the time, your slide-outs aren’t working right because you have insufficient battery power or an obstruction.

Check both of these options first before following other troubleshooting steps. If you cannot put your slide-out back into place, you may need to call roadside assistance to get you out of the jam.

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