3 Ways To Fix Newmar Slide-Out Problem

newmar slide out problem
newmar slide out problem

Newmar is a famous company that is mostly known for designing and manufacturing motorhomes and recreational vehicles. On top of this, they also manufacture accessories for their vehicles and have been known for adding useful features to them. These can be used for staying at comfort at all times. Talking about this, Newmar has decided to use a rack and pinion operation for the slide-outs in their vehicles.

The company claims that this technology can be used in more vehicles and will require notably less need for maintenance. Additionally, the slide-out will perform better and quieter than other models. However, some Newmar users have been complaining that their slide-out has a problem. There are quite a number of issues that you might get on these. This is why here are some of the common problems you might get and ways to fix them.

How to Fix Newmar Slide-Out Problem?

  1. Slide Out Not Running

In some cases, you might notice that the slide-out in your vehicle has completely stopped working. There can be many reasons for this but Newmar has decided to put on a security light on their devices. This can be used to narrow down the issues on your slide-out. Check the light after trying to use the slide-out and notice if it is switched on or off. If the light is illuminated and the slide-out is still not working then you should check the motor of your device. If it’s also down, then you will need to tighten up all the wiring on your motor.

This should help your motor in running back up and fixing your problem. However, if the motor was already working then you should check the transmission system on your device. This contains small gears that should be turning when you function the slide out. In some cases, these start to stop functioning and you will have to get the transmission system replaced.

You can either get a mechanic to help you in replacing this or you can do it on your own. Although, if you do not have any knowledge about this then you might end up damaging your vehicle instead.

  1. Light Not Illuminating

If your slide-out has stopped functioning and the lights on your device are also switched off then this might be because of the security feature. Most slide-outs by Newmar have a feature that shuts off their device if the vehicle is running.

You should be able to use your device after turning off the engine on your RV or motorhome. Additionally, you should take out your vehicle’s key as well. This is due to the fact that the device will not work If the key is in the ‘on’ slot in the ignition panel.

If you have tried both of these steps and your slide-out is still unable to function then the fuse in your panels might have died. These are usually put in to stop the current from damaging your appliances in case of fluctuations. You can easily replace these from the main panel of your device.

While purchasing new fuses, you should note that the current rating on these might differ slightly depending on the model of the vehicle and slide-out you are currently using. You should take a look at this before and then buy your fuse accordingly.

  1. Check Electrical Wiring

Another reason for most of the problems on slide-outs from Newmar can be from the wiring. These might be loose or the current coming to them might be too low.

Whatever the case might be, you should take a reading of the current to confirm this. Remove the wires connected to the plug of your vehicle and then attach a voltmeter to the direct current. Check if the current coming to your slide-out is not fluctuating.

If it is, then you should connect your device to another socket and get the old one fixed. Additionally, make sure that these wires are connected firmly and none of them are loose. Lastly, check the electrical switch for current as well. This might have also died out. You can easily take this off and replace it with a new one but make sure that you disconnect your device from the main powerline before doing so.

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