3 Common Propride Hitch Problems (Troubleshooting)

propride hitch problems
propride hitch problems

Having motorhomes and RVs will provide you with tons of storage to keep all of your equipment. Additionally, these come with several rooms to make you feel like you are traveling in your own home.

Although, some people might already have trucks or large vehicles which is why purchasing an RV is not the best option for them. These users decide to go for trailers and campers instead. While you can get these for a much cheaper price than motorhomes.

There is one essential piece of equipment required to tow your trailer to your vehicle. These are called hitches which come in many different shapes and sizes. ProPride is a famous company that is known for manufacturing some of the best hitches that you can get.

These have a high load capacity on them and should last you a long time. However, you can also run into issues with these as well. This is why we will be using this article to provide you with some common problems that can be found on a ProPride Hitch along with its troubleshooting steps.

How to Fix Propride Hitch Problems?

  1. Vehicle Swaying

One of the most common problems people get on their vehicles while using the ProPride Hitch is having sway. The main complaint with this is that the company ProPride refers to their hitch as being a trailer sway control one.

However, you should note that aside from the hitch, there are tons more stuff that can contribute to causing sway on your vehicle. These include the tires as well as how much weight you are carrying in the trailer.

Considering this, the first thing that you get checked are your tires. These have to be filled with the recommended pressure ratings from your product’s manufacturers. Both filling in too much air or driving around the vehicle in a low PSI rating will cause issues for you.

Considering this, make sure that you make a habit of getting air-filled in your vehicle’s tires regularly. Additionally, you should also get the alignment on these checked occasionally.

This will ensure that you reduce the sway as much as possible. Finally, if you are someone who has trouble trying to check the PSI ratings on their tires by themselves. Then you can purchase air sensors that can be installed on your tires instead.

These will keep you notified about the air in your tires at all times. Notifying you if the PSI rating falls below the recommended values. You can then get the air-filled as soon as possible keeping your tires in the best condition possible.

  1. Weight Distribution

When installing a hitch like this one, you must keep a check on your weight distribution. This is because hitches have a weight limit that you have to consider when towing your vehicles. The weight limit for your ProPride hitch will depend on the model you are purchasing. However, it is still important that you distribute the weight between your trailer and vehicle carefully.

This ensures that not much burden is placed on the tongue on your hitch avoiding most issues with it. This will also help in reducing sway from your vehicle. Getting to how you can distribute the weight, first of all, you should receive a manual with your hitch. This should contain information about how much weight it can hold.

You can then get your vehicle and trailer weighed from a workshop and balance the weight accordingly. This should help your equipment in lasting you a long time without any issues.

  1. Vehicle Getting Damaged

Finally, another issue that people can get on their ProPride hitches is that their vehicle starts to get damaged sometime after using these. Although, you should note that this is not caused by the equipment itself but because of the tongue weight. As mentioned above, it is important to distribute the weight between your vehicle and trailer carefully.

Additionally, you have to ensure that the connections on the equipment are all tightly screwed in. These should allow you to prevent damage to your vehicle. However, another thing that you should make a habit of is taking off the hitch occasionally. You can then check if there are any damages to your vehicle. If there are any then it is recommended that you remove some weight from your trailer as soon as possible.

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