3 Common Andersen 5th Wheel Hitch Problems Troubleshooting

andersen 5th wheel hitch problems
andersen 5th wheel hitch problems

People who enjoy going out on trips with their family and friends should know how difficult it can get to store all of their luggage.

Considering this people sometimes decide to purchase trailers instead. These provide you with a lot of space that you can store all your items in. As well as providing you with a place that you can sleep comfortably in.

Andersen 5th Wheel Hitch Problems

There are many different types of trailers that you can get although, one important thing to note is that these require users to install hitches.

If you are using the Andersen 5th wheel vehicle then you might sometimes get hitch problems on it. In case you do, here is how you can troubleshoot it.

  1. Andersen Hitch Bed Damage

While driving around your vehicle with a trailer attached through this hitch you might notice that there is some damage on the bed of your vehicle.

This can be annoying but you should note that the Andersen Hitch comes in with a weight requirement for trailers. You can either check it in the specifications provided with the product.

Alternatively, you can search for the model of your hitch online to see its specifications. The important thing to notice is that if users decide to attach a trailer with more weight than the maximum limit provided then their vehicles will start to get damaged.

While these might be simply cosmetic damages at the start, you can also get major problems if you ignore this issue. Aside from this, you should also consider checking the state of your vehicle by taking off the hitch at times.

  1. Hitch Making Noise

The Andersen Hitch is completely made from metal. This means that the device makes some noise while you are carrying a trailer with it. But these noises can sometimes start to sound more like squeaking.

This happens when the metals on these hitches are rubbing together. If this happens then you should stop your vehicle and check what is causing the squeaking.

This can be a sign that either your chains are starting to come off or the Hitch is getting damaged. Check the condition of the chains on your hitch as well as the friction liner on it.

If these have become old then you can get a replacement for them. Understanding what was causing the noise can help you in getting it fixed as soon as possible.

  1. Andersen Hitch Bent

While the Andersen hitches are considered to be strong, these can still get bent in some cases. Though you should keep in mind that only 1 out of a total of 19000 hitches have been reported to bend.

This makes the chances of this happening to you unlikely but it is still essential that you understand how it happened.

If you are someone who wants to use a trailer heavier than what the Andersen hitches can lift then you should consider going for a separate model. This will help you in preventing both your vehicle and trailer from getting any damages on them.

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