3 Common Prime Time Crusader Problems (Troubleshooting)

prime time crusader problems
prime time crusader problems

When it comes to going out for long trips with your family and friends. You might think that taking a few cars will take care of your luggage. However, when it comes to enthusiasts, they want to stay on trips for a much longer duration.

Additionally, they go out much more frequently than most people. This is why a better option for them is to purchase large vehicles like RVs and motorhomes.

Many companies manufacture these vehicles which can confuse some people. Talking about this, one of the best fifth-wheel vehicles that you can get nowadays is the Crusader from Prime Time.

The vehicle has tons of features on it and comes with multiple floorplans that you can choose from. While this might be good to drive around in, there are also a few issues with it. This is why we will be using this article to provide you with some common problems that can be found on the Prime Time Crusader along with its fixes.

Prime Time Crusader Problems

  1. Seals Coming Off

One of the most common problems people have reported getting on their Prime Time Crusader is that its seals start to come off. While the overall layout of your vehicle depends on what floorplan you have selected. It should still have a layer of seals keeping the rood intact. Additionally, there are also seals present around the windows, all of which prevent water and dust from entering the vehicles.

Once these start to come off, it is recommended that the user takes care of them as soon as possible. This is because if you take your vehicle outside during rainfall while the seals are coming off. Then there is a high chance that water will start to enter the vehicle. This can destroy its interior which costs a lot of replacement.

Considering this, you should try placing the seals back in place if they have come out. You can also completely replace the seals in your roof with new ones using a liquid sealing solution or tape. Although, this will require you to completely take off the seals and then apply a new layer.

You will then also have to wait for the seals to dry before taking out your vehicle in rain. One recommendation is that you use a waterproof layer of seals so that they do not come off even when driving in heavy rainfall.

  1. Vehicle Swaying

Another common issue that many people have reported with this vehicle is that it sways a lot. Though, you have to keep in mind that this is normal for motorhomes of this size. Driving around the vehicle at high speeds and making turns will give you a lot of sway in most cases which can be quite dangerous.

Although, if you notice that the sway is getting worse then you should check your tires. Mostly, when these are running low on air pressure or if they are not aligned correctly then you can get a lot of sway.

Visit a workshop and have them check your tires and align them properly. Make sure that you do not get them overfilled to avoid further problems. If the wheels were running low on air then you should be able to fix most of the sway issue from your vehicle.

However, for even better stability, you can try installing a sway bar on your motorhome. There are tons of companies that manufacture these which is why you should easily be able to get them.

  1. Equipment Breaking

Sometimes when using your vehicle, you might notice that the equipment in it starts to get damaged. Many people have reported that their appliances stopped working sometime after purchasing the vehicle. This can be quite annoying to deal with but luckily Prime Time has a customer support service that you can contact.

Notify them about your problem in detail. Doing so should let you claim the warranty service and get free replacement and repairs. The company should also be able to help you with any questions that you might have.

Alternatively, they will walk you through the troubleshooting steps ensuring your issue is fixed. You can also take your vehicle to a dealership to get it checked thoroughly.

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