Pop Up Camper Roof Sagging: Possible Causes & Solutions

pop up camper roof sagging
pop up camper roof sagging

Most people decide that they will go out for camping trips during their vacations. This lets them enjoy the wildlife while also having lots of fun and making memories. Although, when it comes to enthusiasts, you will notice that these people go out on trips much more often.

Additionally, the times that they will stay for can also be quite long. Considering this, they purchase large vehicles that allow them to enjoy their trips without much trouble.

These include having RVs, motorhomes, trailers, and even campers. Most people who already own a truck or car with a powerful engine will prefer getting trailers or campers. This is because these are much cheaper for them when compared to motorhomes while the features on them are almost identical.

Although, both of these vehicles have problems that you need to be aware of. Understanding how these can be fixed will help you in both preventing them in the future as well as fixing them in case you run into these on your trip.

Pop Up Camper Roof Sagging

One of the most annoying problems that you will ever get on your pop-up campers is their roof sagging. This can be quite frustrating as the issue is mostly caused by a leakage. The water entering your vehicle will then touch all the furniture and your walls, destroying them as a result.

If not properly taken care of on time, the damage done from these leaks can be quite expensive to deal with. Considering this, if you notice that the roof on your pop-up camper has started leaking then you should get straight to troubleshooting steps and fixing the problem.

What Can Cause Pop Up Camper Roof Sagging and How to Fix It

The only thing that you need to understand here is what causes the problem and how you can fix it. The most common reason for a sagging roof can be that your air conditioner has started to leak. This can easily be confirmed by checking if the sagged roof is in the area where your AC’s pipe runs through.

Once you confirm this, either try getting your pipes fixed or replace them with new ones to fix your problem. On the other hand, if your issue was not from the air conditioner unit.

Then there is a high chance that your vehicle’s seals have started to come off. This is very dangerous and you will have to take your vehicle back home as soon as possible. You can then get your seals replaced by new ones from a nearby workshop. Alternatively, you can do this on own your as well but make sure that you follow the steps provided by the sealing company properly.

There are many products that you can use to seal your rood but the only thing that you should ensure is that the product is high-quality and waterproof. You can even go through recommendations online to help you in choosing a good sealing tape or solution for your vehicle. Finally, make sure that the seals are properly cured before taking your vehicle out during rain again.

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