3 Common Norcold N811 Problems (Troubleshooting)

norcold n811 troubleshooting
norcold n811 troubleshooting

Norcold is a famous company that is known for manufacturing refrigerators. What makes them amazing is that the brand provides people with both portable fridges as well as standard ones.

Considering this, you can either install these in your home or your vehicle. Norcold has a huge lineup to select from which gives its users lots of options. Though, this is exactly why you must go through the specifications for these devices carefully.

This should help you in finding a refrigerator that will best work for you. The Norcold N811 model is among the best ones that have recently come out. Considering this, most people might already own this.

However, it is important to know that you can also run into a few issues with these devices. This is why you must know about some troubleshooting steps for the Norcold N811. These will help you in getting rid of any issues with your devices without much trouble.

Norcold N811 Troubleshooting

  1. Electrical Issues

The most common problems that people run into with the Norcold N811 model are usually related to its power. You should note that the refrigerator requires you to have a stable current flowing through it.

These are rated at a solid 120V. If your device notices that the current is either lower than this or is not static then it will stop functioning. This is because the company has put a detection system on their device to close down its connection in case of an issue.

This helps the device to prevent getting damaged during an electric surge or outage. Before starting with the troubleshooting, if you are not aware of how to check electrical switches. Then you should contact a specialist instead.

The procedure can be both dangerous and difficult to check on your own. Keeping all of this in mind, you can start by removing your device from the power outlet. Then take a multimeter or voltmeter to take the reading of your socket. The device should be provided with a value that you can note down.

If this is lower than 120V then your outlet is running into issues. Check all the other connections in your vehicle as well to see if those are working fine. If the problem was with only one of these then you can get it replaced and use a spare socket meanwhile.

However, if the issue is with all of your outlets then there is a problem from the backend. Check your batteries and generator to see if these are working fine. Sometimes damages in wiring can also cause your devices to run into similar problems.

  1. Refrigerator Overheating

In some cases, the user might notice that their fridge Is overheating. This usually happens when the coolant in your device has either leaked out or is running low. If there is a leak, then you should be able to identify it if you smell your refrigerator.

It should give off a scent similar to ammonia. If you do then it is recommended that you repair the tank which stores the coolant or get it replaced. Though, if there was no leak and your device is still overheating.

Then you can skip the replacement part and get straight to filling in a new coolant. Make sure that you select a good quality product so that there are no issues in the future. These coolants will eventually die out and require you to refuel them.

This is why it is better that you keep a check over the coolants in your refrigerator so that you do not get any issues. Running your device while the coolant is running dry can be quite dangerous.

  1. Device Not Working

If you have tried all the steps mentioned above but your refrigerator is still not working. Then there is a chance that it might have gotten damaged. You can consult the manual to help you in checking all the different parts of your device.

After which you can get the damaged ones replaced with new ones. Though, one better option is to take your refrigerator to the company. They will both help you in identifying the problem as well as getting the parts replaced for you.

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  1. I have a Norcold N811 in a 2007 Dutchmen. It is the model with the manual “Automatic/Gas” switch. The issue is that when I plug into shore power the refrigerator will not stay on gas or successfully switch to A/C UNLESS I turn off the GFI breaker that feeds the converter OR turn on a couple of lights OR disconnect the battery. If I do any one of those 3 things it works fine. This is driving me nuts and any input would be appreciated.

  2. Have a N811 refrigerator and it will not work while driving. Within 30 minutes on the road the indicator lights are flashing amber and the refrigerator has lost cold during the trip no matter how long our trip is one hour or more.

    We have replaced the burner tube and this did not make any difference.

    Suggestions on what to look for/do next?

    Thank you,


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