3 Most Common Lippert RV Frame Problems

lippert rv frame problems
lippert rv frame problems

Motorhomes and RVs are large vehicles that come with numerous features on them. Most of these are made so that people who enjoy going out camping can rest comfortably in their vehicles. Some of the features included in these vehicles are having lots of rooms that are completely furnished. Aside from this, you can also use electrical appliances whenever you want to. Although, when it comes to purchasing a vehicle like this.

You must check what chassis it is using. This will determine what the performance of your motorhome is. Talking about this, one of the most popular frames used in these large vehicles is from Lippert. This is because these are extremely durable. Although, there are also some issues that you can run into. Considering this, we will be using this article to provide you with some common problems that can be found on a Lippert RV frame along with ways to fix them.

The Most Common Lippert RV Frame Problems

1. Noise Coming from Frame

One of the most common problems that many people using Lippert chassis have complained about is that they start hearing noise coming from the frame on their vehicle. This can worry users as the chassis on their vehicle might be breaking. Considering this, you should note that this issue can be quite dangerous and it is better that you take care of it as soon as possible. The frames from Lippert are used on both trailers and motorhomes.

Keeping this in mind, if you are someone who is using a motorhome then you will only have to check how much weight you are carrying. If this exceeds the overall limit of your vehicle then you should remove some equipment. This will help you in reducing the load and also fixing the problem you were getting. Although, when it comes to trailers, there are several things that you will have to look out for. The most important thing is ensuring that you have properly distributed the weight between your vehicles.

This requires you to get both your trailer and vehicle weighed. Then you will have to ensure that your weight is distributed in such a way that no excess load is put on your tow bar. The process might take some time but you should do this before taking out your vehicle for your trip. In case you are having trouble with this, another option is contacting a workshop nearby you. They should also be able to help you in distributing the weight and fixing your issue.

2. Water Damage

Another issue that many people using this frame can run into is getting water damage on their vehicles. This usually happens either due to a leak or the seals on your motorhome coming off. Considering this, it is best that you first check where the water is coming from. If this is from a leaking pipeline then you can replace these with new ones.

Alternatively, small damages can also be fixed by installing a pair of push fittings. These are quite easy to put on and require no soldering or glue. Aside from this, if the seals on your motorhome were coming off then you will have to replace these completely. There are tons of brands that have come up with reliable sealing products. Just make sure that you check the reviews on these before selecting one for yourself.

3. Frame Braking

Finally, some users have also complained that the Lippert RV frame on their vehicle has started to break down. When it comes to this issue, you have to note that water damage can also cause this issue. Although, if that is not the case then your problem can also be from carrying the extra load on the vehicle. Whatever the case might be if you notice that the frame on your RV has started to break.

Then your only option is to contact the support team for Lippert. They will check your vehicle thoroughly to see how bad the damage is. Once this is done, they should then be able to provide you with a solution. Usually, if your vehicle is still under warranty then the company will replace the faulty frame free of cost. But it is recommended that you go through the guidelines of their services before claiming them.

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