3 Common Blue Ox Tow Bar Problems (Troubleshooting)

blue ox tow bar problems
blue ox tow bar problems

Having a trailer is important if you enjoy going out on long trips. These vehicles help users to store all of their luggage in a single spot. You can even find beds and kitchens in these trailers depending on the model that you select. Many companies are manufacturing them and you must go through their specifications.

This will help you in getting the best possible one according to your usage. Aside from this, you should note that tow bars or hitches are required to connect these trailers with your vehicles.

Blue Ox is one famous brand that has these tow bars available for its users. These might be great but you can still get some issues with them. This article will be providing you with some common problems that you can get on these Blue Ox Tow bars and how they can be fixed.

Blue Ox Tow Bar Problems

  1. Tow Bar Coming Loose

One common problem that users can get with these devices is their tow bars coming loose. You might think that this is a really rare issue and ignore it. But you should note that keeping a check on your tow bar is important. If the screws on them come loose while you are driving, then these can cause the trailer to come off while you are driving.

This is dangerous and might even cause an accident. This is why it is so important to keep a regular check on the condition of your tow bar. You can usually notice any problem with them if there is any sway on your trailer.

Make a habit of tightening up these screws regularly to prevent any issues with them in the future.

Users can also take off the screws and fit them back in to ensure there is no problem with them. The hitching system also uses small pins to keep the tow bar attached. If these become damaged then the whole system will start to fall apart.

The only way to fix this problem is by purchasing a new pin from Blue Ox and getting it replaced with the old one.

  1. Use A Lock Nut

If the nuts on your vehicle come loose too frequently and you have a problem with trying to tighten it up regularly. Then it is better that you decide to purchase a lock nut instead.

These are manufactured by several companies which can easily be purchased.  Many companies make these. If you are interested then either check online to find some good quality ones.

Alternatively, you might also be able to get them from a store nearby you. You can replace all of these with your older nuts but make sure that you lock down the mechanism afterward.

These should then keep your tow bar locked down without having to worry about the screws. Although, it is better if you still keep a check on them to ensure they do not get loose again.

  1. Tow Bar Getting Damaged

In some cases, the tow bars from Blue Ox can start to get damaged. While it would have been difficult to identify these problems. You can easily see them because of the design provided by this company. You can easily fix most issues that might be with the braking system or nuts on these tow bars.

However, if they get damaged beyond repair then you will have to contact the company instead. Blue Ox has live customer support that you can ask most questions from. They should be able to guide you through the procedure of getting them fixed.

You can even send the device to a dealer nearby you to get it repaired. The warranty for these tow bars can get rid of most problems that you are having with them. But If it becomes void due to some reason then you will have to pay for the repairs instead.

Under some circumstances, the company even offers its users some replacement services for their products. Lastly, if your tow bar is now beyond repair then you should purchase a new one. Running your vehicle on a damaged tow bar like this can cause a serious issue for you. This is why you should get a replacement.

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  1. I love my blue ox tow bar system. I am a bit concerned that the rubber covering on one side of the tow bar has torn and exposes that shaft to the elements and it has begun to rust.
    Should I oil the exposed metal?
    How would I go about replacing the rubber gasket type covering?


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