Roadmaster vs Blue Ox- Which One To Choose?

Roadmaster vs Blue Ox
Roadmaster vs Blue Ox

Just because you own an RV doesn’t mean you want to be driving everywhere when you are on the open road. Maybe you are taking your RV across the country but you simply want to go grocery shopping.

Do you hop behind the wheel of your recreational vehicle and take it into the tight parking lot, trying to find a space and avoiding other cars just because you just want to buy some popcorn?

It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

That is why you have probably seen plenty of people who actually tow their RVs around the country, hooked to the back of their traditional cars. By doing this, you can experience the more normal, day-to-day parts of being on vacation while still having your RV with you.

The thing about towing your RV is that it can’t be done with just a simple setup. You need to be sure that you are only using the best, top-of-the-line devices that will get the job done, keep your RV safe, and never have to be worried about.

This is where a tow bar comes into play. A tow bar is a flat towing mechanism that actually has a tow bar, a plate that is installed on the towed vehicle (either your RV or your car), writing for lights, safety cables, and a braking system to keep everything safe.

Tow Bar

All of this comes together with your tow bar. By using the right tow bar, you can be sure that your recreational vehicle will be safe as it rides behind your car.

The Roadmaster & Blue Ox

Two of the most popular tow bars in the market today are the Roadmaster and Blue Ox. In fact, they are probably the top sellers across the world and have both garnered a huge amount of fans who use them regularly and recommend them to others.

But buying a tow bar isn’t a small task and making the right choice is very important.

You need to be sure that you are purchasing the right one, you need to be sure that you are putting your money into the right product, and that you are buying something you can rely on, something that works well, and something that you are comfortable using often.

While they are both very good products, there are some differences between the Roadmaster and Blue Ox.

Let’s take a look at both and then you can determine which is the one that is right for you and your RV adventures that await.

Roadmaster vs Blue Ox

When it comes to the Roadmaster and Blue Ox, there are quite a few differences – and quite a few similarities too. It should be noted that, no matter which tow bar you buy, you are bound to get something that you like.

Before we dig into the specific difference between the two tow bar kits, let’s look at just a few minor differences that you should be aware of.

 Roadmaster Blue Ox
Rating 8,000 lbs 10,000 lbs
Warranty 1 year + 1 3 years
Weight 42 lbs 42 lbs
Safety Cables Included No No
Color Grey Black


Both the Roadmaster and Blue Ox tow bars are going to give you a good quality. There is a reason why these are two of the top of the line products in the RV market and why so many people rely on them, buy them regularly, and tell others to do the same.

The quality of both the Roadmaster and Blue Ox is great. Both are made with superior materials that will stand the test of time and last you for many road trips across the country.

In fact, when you hold the Roadmaster and Blue Ox side by side, you will notice that they are quite similar in the way that they feel in your hand. Both are actually the same weight and the same type of high-quality, durable materials.

They are both heavy, at 42 pounds, but that is appropriate for a tow bar – they shouldn’t be light, weak products.

Both of these products are made with superior steel, which is great. It adds to their weight and heft but it also adds to their abilities to carry your RV without much of a problem at all. You will know that you are dealing with something with strong quality the moment you pick both up.

The difference in quality between these two products is minimal at best and it’s really hard to tell much of a difference in this aspect.


The Blue Ox is generally perceived as a tow bar with better performance value. While you should not be afraid of using the Roadmaster, the Blue Ox excels and beats the Roadmaster in a few major ways.

One of the best features that only comes with the Roadmaster and not the Blue Ox is the inclusion of safety cables. These are downright essential if you want to make sure that your recreational is always safe and is following behind your car as it should be.

With safety cables, you get an extra layer of performance and protection. If there is a disconnection of the cables and the strength of the connection between the car and RV is compromised, the safety cables will let you know.

This is a huge deal and it will make you be able to drive safer with peace of mind.

The Blue Ox comes in multiple varieties, as does the Roadmaster, and each type of Blue Ox that you can buy will come with the safety cables included.

This means that no matter what type of Blue Ox you buy, you are going to be able to give yourself an extra bit of safety before your big trip. That alone is a difference-maker that should help you consider the Blue Ox over the Roadmaster.

None of this means that the Roadmaster isn’t worth your money. It is a worthy and strong device that will keep you and your RV safe. It’s one of the best tow bars out there and there is a good reason why so many people buy it.

Set up is as simple as can be for both the Blue Ox and Roadmaster. It will take some work and you will need to read the instruction manual and ensure that you are following the steps correctly but assembly, installation, and completion should be done in a short amount of time.

Additionally, both the Blue Ox and Roadmaster come with warranties, in case they don’t work as you expected and you are not happy with them – although you likely will be.

The Blue Ox has a 3 year warranty included upon purchase while the Roadmaster has a 1 year + 1 warranty.

As you can see, the Blue Ox again beats the Roadmaster in this respect although even a year will be time enough to know if the Roadmaster is right for you and your RV needs.


As mentioned, both the Blue Ox and Roadmaster come in different varieties and sizes for your RV needs. Therefore, there are different prices too.

Generally, the Roadmaster model of a tow bar is going to be less expensive than the Blue Ox, which gives it a much-needed win in this department. These are not cheap products, they are sizable – but important – investments.

Saving a bit of money is a great way to entice you to purchase. Thankfully, even though the Roadmaster is less expensive than the Blue Ox, it is still a great product that is well worth your money.

The difference in pricing isn’t very large, the gap is sometimes rather small. However, it adds up, especially when you consider the other products you will be buying when you are starting your RV lifestyle.

blue ox tow bar


Both the Blue Ox and Roadmaster are two of the best tow bars out there and they will get the job done well. You would be smart to buy either of them and you should be sure that you made a smart purchase when you do.

However, one of these two rises above the other – even though it’s not by a huge amount. The Blue Ox is generally a better product because it has a better warranty and an important extra feature that will make it more valuable to you.

The inclusion of the safety cables with the Blue Ox is a huge, helpful addition that might make it the right choice for many RV owners.

The warranty is also helpful because it is longer than Roadmaster. Roadmaster still has a great warranty but, obviously, a longer one is more welcome just in case you discover that the Blue Ox isn’t right for you after multiple uses.

However, the Roadmaster is better when it comes to pricing and that might be the biggest difference maker for someone buying a tow bar.

But the price difference isn’t that large, which means that you should pay the extra few dollars and buy the Blue Ox, knowing that you get a bit extra for the increased price point.

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