Roadmaster vs Blue Ox- Which One To Choose?

roadmaster vs blue ox
roadmaster vs blue ox

People all around the world use cars and other vehicles for different reasons. Some might use them for taking their family and friends to places while others might just love these for the freedom of going anywhere they can. You can also do other things with your vehicles as well. One of these is using a tow bar with them to pull trailers and vehicles.

While some vehicles come with a tow bar already attached to them, others have to be fitted with one after purchasing them. There are a lot of tow bars that you can purchase from a local workshop store nearby or find one online. Although the market for these is huge and it can be really hard to select one. It is important that you know all the information about tows before you purchase them.

Two of the best companies that provide users with tows are Roadmaster and Blue Ox. These provide different types of tows that are designed depending on your use. You might be wondering which one out of these two companies to select while purchasing a tow. This is why we will be using this article to tell you about them so it can be easy for you to decide.

Roadmaster vs Blue Ox


Roadmaster is a famous company which is known for selling tow bars, mounting brackets and other similar stuff for vehicles. You can visit their website to find a list of all the equipment that they sell. There are different types of tabs labeled their and you can select one depending on the product that you want to purchase. After selecting the tab, the website will take you to a website that displays all the information about that product.

After this, you can find all the essential specifications of that product along with the different types that are available. You can even find charts that display which of these products are compatible with other vehicles. All of their products are well designed and manufactures. The durability of these is also amazing because they are made from good quality items. The rating for all the products of this company is extremely positive. Most users have found no problem while using them.

The only downside that Roadmaster has over Blue Ox is that the looks of their tows are not as impressive as Blue Ox. However, this does not matter who don’t have any problems with looks and only look out for functionality.

Blue Ox

Blue Ox is also among the best companies which manufacture and design tow bars for vehicles. It has also won all the choice award from Magazine Readers ever since they launched them. The company claims that its products are innovative and will improve your experience. The hardware used by this company is quite impressive and easy to handle. The company has also been improving its products over time. This is all done through receiving useful feedback from their customers.

While Roadmaster provides their users with different types of tows along with other equipment for their vehicle as well. Blue Ox on the other hand only focuses on providing the best tow bars they can manufacture. You can visit their website for the information that you will need about these. Starting from trailer towing to even flat towing, the website contains tabs that can be visited to find all the available products for them. After selecting a product, you can then visit its page.

The page will then tell you the different weight ranges that the tow can withstand. You can select the option depending on what you going to use the tow for and then either purchase it online from them. Alternatively, you can visit their store to take a look at their tows in person and then decide if you want to buy them or not. Blue Ox also provides their users with an installation manual that will give you a step-by-step guide on how you can install the tow on your car or truck.

This is pretty simple to follow and if you are still having a problem then you always have the option to find a guide online. Aside from this the company also provides its users with a warranty on most of its products. Which can be claimed by calling or texting the company if their product is damaged.

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