Blue Hawk Push Fitting Instructions (Explained)

blue hawk push fitting instructions
blue hawk push fitting instructions

Motorhomes and RVs are large vehicles that come with numerous features. These include having access to a bathroom, kitchen, and even bedroom. Additionally, you have tons of storage space which makes it easy for you to take all the equipment you want on your trips. Considering this, having a motorhome with yourself is almost necessary if you like staying on your camping trips for long durations of time. You can stay comfortable as long as you brought the right equipment with you.

Aside from this, one thing to keep in mind is what company you are purchasing your vehicle from. Many brands manufacture motorhomes and campers, additionally, the number of features you are provided depends on what company you go for. This is why you must select a vehicle that will best suit your usage so that there are no issues while you are on your trip.

Blue Hawk Push Fitting

Blue Hawk is a famous company that is known for manufacturing some of the best pipelines and fittings. These come in different shapes and sizes which ensures that you can easily install them in your house or vehicle. The push fitting for them is designed in a unique way that allows people to put them on their pipelines without any trouble. These require no soldering or use of glue which makes them a great option to fix any leakages or similar problems.

You can even keep a set of these push fittings stored in your vehicle in case there are any pipeline issues. This can be great as having a leakage while you are on your trip will be quite annoying. If you do not have push fittings like these to block your pipes, your only option then will be to drain your water tanks. Additionally, this can also be quite difficult as finding a place where you can let out all this water is also difficult while you are in the middle of a road.

Blue Hawk Push Fitting Instructions

If you have recently bought a pair of push fittings from Blue Hawk then you will notice that these come with a list of instructions. These are provided to ensure the user does not have much trouble when installing the equipment. You can go through these to help you with the process. Although, the main thing that you have to look out for is the size of fittings you purchase. If the equipment you bought is compatible with your pipelines. Then you only have to push them in tightly.

Once the fittings slide in entirely, they should lock in and stay in place. Aside from this, there is no need to apply any glue or solder to the joints. Furthermore, taking off the fittings is also as simple as the installation process. In case you got a broken or faulty pair of fittings from the company. Then you should be able to return these and get replacements using the warranty service. Just make sure that the damages on your fittings were not your fault and the pieces were defective from the back.

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