Kwikee Steps Troubleshooting- 3 Common Problems

kwikee steps troubleshooting
kwikee steps troubleshooting

Going for long camping trips in vehicles like RVs and motorhomes can be a lot of fun. However, you should note that the features in your vehicle will depend on what model you had bought. Considering this, some people have motorhomes that lack some important equipment.

Luckily, companies like Lippert are known for manufacturing some of the best devices that can be installed on these vehicles. They have lineups of leveling systems, jacks, and even automated steps to help keep the user comfortable.

You can check out all of their equipment by visiting the Lippert website. Getting back to their electronic devices, the Kwikee Steps are one of the most used ones. These help users in getting out and back into the motorhome without much trouble.

Although, while these might be amazing to use, there are also some problems that you can get with them. Considering this, we will be using this article to provide you with some common issues that can be found on the Kwikee steps along with troubleshooting steps to fix them.

Kwikee Steps Troubleshooting Methods

1. Kwikee Steps Not Working

To get started with our first Kwikee steps troubleshooting step, let’s start with the most common issue. When you first purchase Kwikee Steps from Lippert, you will notice that these have to be assembled on your own.

The process can be a little complicated but the company provides their users with a guide that can be followed. Keeping this in mind, if you thoroughly go through this when assembling the equipment then there should be no problems with it. Additionally, you will become familiar with the process and it will be much easier the next time you have to take this equipment apart.

Now the most common issue that people have with these steps is that they stop working. The problem can both be related to errors in the assembly procedure or the connections for your device being loose. Considering this, you can start by confirming if the device was working fine after you assembled it or it never worked in the first place. If there is an issue with the assembly then take apart your equipment.

Now follow the guide carefully or search for a video online to help you out. Once you are done with this, the steps should now start working without any further problems. On the other hand, if your assembly was correct then a wire might have gotten loose or cut off. This can be quite annoying and you will have to carefully observe all the cables.

However, once you find the wires that were damaged or had come off, you can then fix them to get your steps working again. People who are not comfortable with checking the wiring on their own should contact an electrician.

This is much better as trying to replace the cables on your own can be quite dangerous.

2. Kwikee Steps Getting Stuck

Another common issue that many people get with their Kwikee steps is that these can get stuck when trying to use them. While this is quite annoying to deal with, you should note that the problem can be caused by several reasons. This is why you must go through all of these carefully. The process should help you in pointing down the problem so it can be fixed easily.

Aside from the steps mentioned above, another reason that can cause this is an issue with your batteries. You will have to test the terminals using a voltmeter and see if there is any resistance. If not then clean off the terminals and fill up your battery with water. It will take some time for it to get charged but once that’s done, you should be able to start using your steps again.

3. Faulty Motor

Most of the issues that you can get on this equipment have the same fixes that can be used. Considering this, going through all the steps mentioned above as well as cleaning the steps to see nothing is stuck in them should help in getting rid of most issues.

However, if your Kwikee Steps are still not working then the most likely reason for it can be a damaged motor. You can test this using a voltmeter to confirm if the device is dead or not. In case it is, you will have to purchase a spare one from Lippert and replace it with the faulty one.

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