3 Common King Dome Satellite Dish Problems

king dome satellite dish problems
king dome satellite dish problems

Watching movies and channels on your television is a fun way to pass your time. Some people even wait for their favorite shows to air so that they can watch them. Although, if you are going out on your trip then you will miss the show.

In this case, you can install a satellite dish on your vehicle to give you television signals while you are out on your trips.

Many different brands manufacture these devices. Although, one of the most used dishes is manufacture by King Dome. There are many different types of models that you can select from while purchasing their products which are all great.

Although, if you own one then you might sometimes get problems with your King Dome Satellite Dish. Considering this, we will be using this article to provide you with a list of common problems and how you can fix them.

King Dome Satellite Dish Problems

  1. Satellite Dish Coming Loose

One of the most common problems that users might get with this device is it coming loose. In some cases, the satellite dish might even fall off your vehicle.

Usually, when you purchase the product from a shop or dealer, users are required to install it on their own. You should note that there is a complete procedure that you need to go through when installing these dishes.

If the device fails to be installed properly then it can fall off quite easily. Additionally, there are more chances of the device running into problems and giving errors. Considering this, if you have installed the satellite dish on your own then make sure that it is tightly fitted.

If you do not have any knowledge about how you can install it then there are lots of video guides you can find online.

The best recommendation to ensure that the dish is securely installed is by calling an employee from King Dome to install the product for you.

You can either call the company to get a person in touch or take your vehicle directly to a dealer nearby you. While this will cost you a little, at least the product will end up lasting you a long time.

  1. Setup Problems

The King Dome dishes need to be connected to a receiver so that you can use the signals on your television. You need to configure the settings for these devices and connect them.

Although, If you have recently purchased a new receiver or the King Dome satellite dish then you might have trouble setting these up.

Usually, you can connect these and the dish should update itself using your receiver. However, if it does not work then you need to check a few things.

Firstly, the King Dome satellite does not work on every receiver, there is a compatibility chart that you need to go through before selecting a device. If your receiver is not supported by the company then it will fail to establish a connection.

Secondly, if you made sure that the devices were compatible and are still getting the same problem. Then your receiver probably requires a software update.

You need to download it manually on your receiver so it can then connect with the King Dome satellite dish. Check the website for your receiver to find a list of software updates available to you as well as the procedure for them.

  1. Electrical Board Getting Damaged

Sometimes the electrical board on your satellite dish might get damaged. This can either be from something hitting the equipment. Alternatively, it might have fried on its own.

Although, if this happens then you will have to get a replacement for the board. You can contact the company to provide you with the replacement parts.

But one thing to keep in mind is that the company charges their users quite a lot of money for any repairs regarding their product. Additionally, you have to pay for the shipping fees as well which usually depends on how far away you live from their repairing store.

Considering this, it is better that you purchase a new dish instead of King Dome in case of any major problems. There are quite a lot of other brands that you can go for instead which will cost you way less than the repairs.

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