Keystone RV Floor Problems – 3 Issues With Fixes

keystone rv floor problems
keystone rv floor problems

Camping enthusiasts stay on their trips for a few weeks to even months at times. Although, when it comes to this, they must have the best possible equipment with them. This will help in ensuring that the campers have an enjoyable experience without running into many issues.

On the other hand, when it comes to storing all of these devices in your vehicle.

The space in most cars is not enough, additionally, there is no place to comfortably rest in these. Considering this, people decide to purchase larger vehicles like RVs instead. These come with numerous rooms as well as furniture that you can stay relaxed on.

With that being said, there are also some issues that these vehicles can run into. One of the most common problems that you will have with a Keystone RV is with its floor. This is why we will be using this article to list a few of these issues along with ways to fix them.

Keystone RV Floor Problems

1. Creaking Sound When Walking

One of the most common complaints that you will hear almost every Keystone RV user talk about is that the floor in their vehicle creaks. This noise will not come from the entire flooring on your vehicle but from a specific spot instead.

When you walk over this area, you will notice that the floor will slightly move inwards. This can be quite annoying to deal with, however, when you contact Keystone, they will answer saying that this is normal.

The main reason why the floor in your vehicle creaks from a specific area and is also soft there is because of the heating system installed underneath. The floor above it is slightly weaker when compared to other parts in your vehicle.

Considering this, there is not any problem with your RV and this is completely normal. Although, if you are annoyed by all this noise then a solution is that you try hardening the flooring in this area.

You will first have to remove the planks installed over the heating equipment and then install them back in properly. A few users have also reported that firmly attaching the nuts and nails back in solved the creaking for them.

However, you might have to add an additionally hardened plank in this area that will strengthen the base. This can also be useful as the soft flooring has a chance to break when a lot of pressure is placed on it.

2. Water Damage

The second problem that you can get with the flooring on your RV is also having soft planks. Although, this will be all over the vehicle instead of being in a specific spot. The most common reason for this is that there is some water damage to your vehicle.

This can be quite dangerous which is why if you notice the issue, take care of it as soon as possible. Several things can cause water to leak in your vehicle, considering this, you will have to carefully search where it is coming from.

If any pipes in your RV have damages on them then you can cover them up with new fittings. Many companies have come up with fittings that require glue or soldering to install.

You should keep these stored in your vehicle so that you can cover up any leakages from your pipelines. Aside from this, another reason why water might be leaking in your vehicle can be from your AC. The water exhaust pipe on it might not be taking out the water properly and some of it might be slipping back into your vehicle.

3. Floor Breaking or Damaged

Sometimes when you purchase your vehicles from Keystone, the floor on them might be damaged from the backend. Just like having noisy planks in specific spots, the same issue can be all over your vehicle. Considering this, the problem is most likely from the manufacturer and your only option will be to contact the support team.

Make sure that you provide them with detailed information about your issue. This will help them in identifying what caused it and how it can be fixed. In most cases, the company will provide you with a complete replacement for your flooring. However, this might vary depending on the condition of your vehicle.

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  1. A dealership is telling us that the 2012 Keystone does not have any issues with floor even though it is soft in several areas of kitchen and living room. I do not trust them. Did Outback have issues with floors at any time in their production.


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