3 Keystone Hideout Problems With Their Solutions

keystone hideout problems
keystone hideout problems

Some enthusiasts want to stay on their camping trips for long times. Considering this, there are two main options for them. They can either purchase a large motorhome that comes with several rooms and you can drive around the vehicle whenever you want to. On the other hand, some trailers have the same features as a motorhome except for the engine.

The main benefit of going for a trailer is that you can save a lot of money as most of the moving parts are not included. Talking about this, the Keystone Hideout is among one of the best camping trailers that you can purchase.

It has amazing benefits, but there are some issues as well. This is why we will be using this article to provide you with some common problems that can be found on a Keystone Hideout along with ways to fix them.

Common Keystone Hideout Problems With Solutions

  1. Trailer Keep Swaying

One of the most common issues that people have with the Keystone Hideout is that it will sway a lot when going at high speeds. This can be quite annoying to deal with but you should keep in mind that large vehicles like these will sway a little. However, if the sway on your vehicle is a lot then there might be something wrong with it.

There are a few factors that can affect the performance of your vehicle which is why it is important to observe it. You can start by checking if the tires on your trailer are all filled at the recommended levels. Even having a single wheel with low air will ruin the entire performance of your vehicle. This is why you must keep all the tires on your trailer filled up with air at all times.

Additionally, you should make a habit of taking your vehicle to a nearby workshop. They will check it carefully for you to confirm there are no issues with it. Additionally, the team should help in setting up the alignment on both your truck and trailer.

This will ensure that your vehicle stays stable when driving at high speeds. Usually, when you leave the steering wheel on your truck when driving and it starts moving sideways then it means that there is some issue with your alignment.

  1. Uncomfortable Drive on Truck When Towed

Another problem that many people get when they have Keystone Hideout towed with their truck is that the vehicle will not drive properly. The main reason for this is the tow bar you are using and not the trailer itself. However, you should keep in mind that the Hideout from Keystone is a larger trailer which is why it is quite heavy.

Most low-quality tow bars will not be able to handle all the weight from these. Considering this, you must purchase a device that can easily handle all the pressure being put on its tongue. Furthermore, the weight distribution process on these vehicles is also quite essential.

This lowers a lot of weight being applied to a specific area on your trailer and distributes it evenly. If you properly do this, then you will both notice an improvement while driving and in the stability of your vehicle. Keep in mind that you will have to visit a workshop with digital scales for this.

  1. Furniture Too Uncomfortable

Some people who own the Keystone Hideout complain about the furniture in it being too uncomfortable. When it comes to this, you have to keep in mind that not every piece of equipment in your vehicle will be top-notch. Additionally, the only thing that you can try doing to improve the comfort of your furniture is changing its foam.

Aside from this, another option that you can go for is replacing the furniture completely. You can then install anything that you want as long as there is enough clearance in your trailer. In case you had faulty or damaged furniture, it is recommended that you try contacting the support team for Keystone.

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  1. I have a newer hideout camper. The ac keeps tripping the circuit breaker. Just prior to it tripping there’s a sound like a card hitting the fan. The fan slows down and shortly after the breaker trips. And ideas.


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