Kamp King Koaches: What Makes Them Unique?

kamp king koaches
kamp king koaches

People who go out for frequent hiking or camping trips and want to stay there for more than just a few days. Usually, own RVs or other motorhomes. These vehicles include all the necessities required by users to stay relaxed at all times. You are even provided with a kitchen that you can cook in. As well as a bathroom to take showers in.

These keep you fresh and you make meals for yourself without any problems. While that might be the case, some people like to purchase these vehicles as a hobby. They collect old and vintage RVs, trailers, and campers to store them up in their garages.

Kamp King Koaches

Talking about Vintage recreational vehicles, one of the most known companies was Kamp King Koaches. They used to provide their users with unique designs and features that none of the other brands had at the time. This is what makes them so special even now.

Although the company started its production back in the 1960s and, unfortunately, came to a stop during the early ’90s. Some of their vehicles still roam around for vintage collectors to purchase. Even though these offer no purpose for driving, the vehicles still hold quite a lot of value.

What Makes Them Unique?

You might wonder why Kamp King Koaches is still a topic that is still talked about. This is mainly due to two big reasons. One of which was the warranty they provided to their users.

The company stated that they will provide a lifetime warranty to anyone who purchases their coaches or RVs. This means that you could get a replacement for your damaged parts and a discount on new ones anytime they were damaged.

While there were still a set of guidelines that needed to be followed the lifetime warranty claim still stirred up a lot of campers, motivating them to purchase the vehicles. Although, when the brand came to a halt and they stopped manufacturing these vehicles.

The warranty ended with them. Aside from this, the second thing about this company is its unique design. You might see some of the pictures for their vehicles posted even now.

These used to have the size of a coach. But they were made to look like a house. The users had access to a small terrace or rooftop of the top of their vehicle where they could sit easily.

While this looked good and promising. The additional weight of it made it hard to drive around the vehicle. Users could not even go above the speeds of 20 to 30 mph without their coaches completely shaking.

Furthermore, if people accidentally went to an underpass then the top of their coach would completely get destroyed. There are even reports of people claiming that their vehicles got destroyed simply when making sharp turns while at a moderate speed.

This shows that you could only drive these vehicles on a straight road that is completely flat. Even a little incline could prove to be hazardous for these coaches.

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