3 Ways To Fix Jensen TV Remote Not Working

jensen tv remote not working
jensen tv remote not working

Jensen is an electronics company that mostly manufactures small factor televisions. These are specifically designed to be installed in RVs and motorhomes.

Additionally, all the features on them also revolve around providing the user with ease while they are on their trips. Considering this, it can be amazing to purchase a TV from them if you are someone who enjoys watching movies at your home.

This way you do not have to miss any shows and can even keep yourself entertained while you are outdoors. While these have tons of services, there are also a few issues that can be found.

Some Jensen users have reported that their TV remote is not working. If you are also getting the same issue then here are a few steps that can be followed to fix this.

How to Fix Jensen TV Remote Not Working?

  1. Check Batteries

The remote for your television not working can be quite frustrating. This is because the user is unable to input commands and control their device. Although the remote not working usually means that you have run out of batteries.

These have to be replaced after some time to ensure that your remote keeps on working. Considering this, replacing the batteries with new ones should fix the problem you are having.

Although, if you had recently installed these. Then there might be a chance that you have not tightly installed the batteries. You can simply try taking out your batteries and then placing them back in to confirm this.

One recommendation is that you keep a pair of rechargeable batteries with you and keep swapping them whenever one set runs out. This way you won’t have to keep on purchasing new batteries for your television.

  1. Check Which Mode You Are Running On

One feature that many people using Jensen TV are unaware of is the ability to select different modes. The televisions made by the company can run on either DVD or TV mode. Considering this, it is important to note which source is selected on the remote.

If your controller is set to a different model than the television itself, then it will not work. Considering this, press the DVD/TV button on your remote to switch between modes depending on what you are trying to use. If done correctly, you should be able to start using your remote with the TV.

  1. Remote Might Be Broken

Jensen provides their users with two separate remotes that can be used on their TVs. One of these is the large model while the other is a smaller one. Both of these allow you to control the device however, the larger remote has more options. While this should rarely happen, there is still a chance that both the remotes you got with your device are broken.

Some people have even reported getting this issue. Considering this, you can either purchase a new remote that supports Jensen TV. Alternatively, you can purchase a universal remote and pair it with your television.

If you are having trouble trying to connect the universal remote then access the manual provided by Jensen to help you out.

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