3 Ways To Fix Jayco Slide Out Problems

jayco slide out problems
jayco slide out problems

Jayco is a famous brand that is known for its amazing lineups of recreational vehicles and trailers. The company is a subsidiary of Thor Industries which is known for manufacturing some of the best vehicles.

Talking about this, they have a huge lineup that you can choose from. Additionally, there are tons of features, out of which one of the best ones is having slide-outs in your vehicle.

These are small rooms that are usually retracted but you can extend them to increase their size. This allows you to get tons more space in your vehicle so that you can easily move around.

While having a slide-out is an amazing thing, you should note that there are some issues with these as well. This is why we will be using this article to provide you with some common problems that can be found on a slide-out from Jayco along with steps to fix them.

How to Fix Jayco Slide Out Problems?

  1. Slide Out Not Opening

The first and most common issue that many people have reported is that the slide-outs in their vehicles do not open up. Considering this, you should note that a lot of companies including Jayco have a security feature on their slide-out feature. This is to prevent the user from opening the device while they are traveling in their vehicle.

This is installed to ensure that you do not run into any serious problems while you are on your trip. Considering this, if you are unable to open your slide-outs then check the gearbox on your vehicle and its key. The gearbox should be parked while the engine on your vehicle should be running.

If you have connected your slide-outs to your batteries instead then it might not be required to start your vehicle. Keeping these facts in mind make sure that you never try to open your slide-outs while your vehicle is driving. Alternatively, never try to drive your vehicle while the slide is extended. This is because these can easily disbalance your vehicle causing it to run into issues.

  1. Slide Out Not Working

Another common problem that people have with their slide-outs is that these will stop working. This can be quite annoying to deal with while you are out on a trip. Although keep in mind that this is exactly why you must check all the parts in your vehicle before going out. Additionally, you should make a habit of maintaining all the equipment in your RV so that these issues can be prevented.

The most common reason for your slide-outs to be not working can be due to the connections on them coming off. This is why you should carefully check all the wirings to see if some of these have come off or gotten loose.

If you notice any then either replace them with new wirings or connect the ones that had come off. Although, if all the wires are perfectly connected then there is a chance that the motor on your slide-outs has died.

If this happens then your only option will be to purchase a new motor and then replace it with your faulty one. Although, before you do this, try taking out your motor and testing it with a voltmeter.

Additionally, open it up to check if there is anything stuck in it. Sometimes removing clogged dust and then lubricating the device afterward can also fix the issue. Although, these motors will eventually die and require you to replace them.

  1. Slide Seals Leaking

One other issue that people have reported with slide-outs from Jayco is that their vehicles start to leak. Though, you should keep in mind that this is not a problem with the slides themselves but the seals on them.

You will have to take off the seals in this case and then replace them with new ones. If only the rubber had come off from some areas then you can fix it back in place.

Applying a little heat on it should help in softening it so that you can reshape it. Then leave it to dry for some time and your seals should be back to their perfect condition.

Although, if these have broken or cracked, then just take your vehicle to Jayco and get the seals replaced by them. You can also do this at your home but make sure that all the seals are tightly shut off to prevent water from entering your vehicle.

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