3 Common Jayco Pinnacle Problems (With Fixes)

jayco pinnacle problems
jayco pinnacle problems

Camping enthusiasts that enjoy going out for long trips understand how important it can be to own an RV. These vehicles come with features that ensure you have a fun time on your adventure. The features include having lots of storage space as well as furniture that you can rest on. You also can use electrical appliances while you are traveling. Although, when it comes to purchasing these vehicles, you will notice that they have a high price.

People who already own a truck might not want to spend so much on another vehicle. This is why one better option is that you get yourself a trailer like the Jayco Pinnacle. This is an amazing vehicle that comes with lots of features. Although, there are also some issues that you can run into. Considering this, we will be using this article to provide you with some common problems that can be found on the Jayco Pinnacle along with ways to fix them.

Common Jayco Pinnacle Problems with Basic Solutions

1. Sway Issues

The most common problem that people report getting on their trailers like the Jayco Pinnacle is sway. This means that the vehicle will move around even while you are driving on a straight road. Considering this, it can be quite annoying for the driver as well as people sitting in the vehicle. Although, you should note that having a little sway on a vehicle as large as this trailer is normal.

However, if the sway is so much that you are having trouble driving the trailer then there might be something wrong. You can start by checking if the weight on your vehicle is distributed properly. Most tow bars have a limit to how much weight they can hold before running into issues. Keeping this in mind, you will have to get your trailer weighed and then balance the luggage on it carefully. This will help in reducing sway from it as well as ensuring that you do not run into any problems with the sway bar.

Finally, another thing that you have to keep in check is the tires on your vehicle. These have to stay between the recommended levels so that you can get the best performance. Once the tires start to go low on PSI rating, you will notice that your trailer starts to sway. If you are someone who gets annoyed by having to check their tires again and again. Then one solution is that you install a pair of sensors. These will keep you notified about the air rating in your tires at all times. You can also set the device to alert you whenever the wheels require you to fill them up.

2. Electrical Devices Not Working

One of the best features of a vehicle like Jayco Pinnacle is that you can use electrical appliances even while you are traveling. Although, if these stop working while you are on your trip then it can be quite annoying. Before you get into troubleshooting these, keep in mind that it can be dangerous for people to check these on their own.

This is why you should contact an electrician to help you out. Although, if you want to fix your issue on your own then you can start by testing your outlets. Make sure that these are working perfectly. You can plug in a voltmeter to your socket to test the current ratings from it. Alternatively, you can plug in a lamp and observe its light. Usually, replacing a broken outlet with a new one is enough to fix your issue.

3. Contact Customer Support

The Jayco Pinnacle is an amazing trailer that has not received a lot of complaints from its users. Considering this, most of the problems you get on your vehicle can be fixed using the steps mentioned above. Although, if the issue you are getting is from equipment or device being damaged when you got your vehicle.

Then the brand offers a warranty service that can be used for this. Some guidelines have to be followed for this. But you should easily be able to go through these. You can then contact the support team for Jayco and notify them about your problem in detail. Your dealer will then ask you to bring your vehicle to them so that the broken equipment can be replaced.

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