The Differences Between Jayco Redhawk vs Greyhawk

jayco redhawk vs greyhawk
jayco redhawk vs greyhawk

Class C motorhomes are some of the most popular options among RV enthusiasts because they offer all the comfort of your home at an affordable price. Jacob produces two excellent motorhomes called the Redhawk and the Greyhawk.

However, even though Jayco produces both Class C motorhomes, you need to keep a few key differences in mind. Choosing the best motorhome for your travel situation is beneficial to getting the RV lifestyle of your dreams.

Please continue reading to learn the similarities and differences between the Jayco Redhawk and Grayhawk. In addition, we will discuss how to choose the right Class C motorhome for your family.

Differences Between Jayco Redhawk vs Greyhawk

Before you purchase a Class C motorhome, it’s important to understand the differences between these homes. For example, the Jayco Redhawk only offers accommodations for one AC. So, if you plan to travel in hot areas during the summer, you may consider choosing a Class C motorhome with more AC hookups.

Overheating during the summer is a huge problem travelers deal with, and you should avoid this health condition at all costs. However, you shouldn’t have to worry about minimal AC ports if you use your recreational vehicle mostly during the fall or winter.

Another difference between the Jayco Redhawk and Grayhawk is the roof. The Greyhawk has a fiberglass roof, and the Redhawk has a rubber roof . The Greyhawk fiberglass roof can take a harder beating than the red Hawks rubber roof.

Redhawk Greyhawk
AC 1 2
Roof Rubber Fiberglass
Heat Pump No Yes

Finally, thanks to the great hawk having a heat pump, you’ll have an easier time using electricity to distribute warmth throughout your motorhome. The Jayco Redhawk uses propane to heat your interior instead of electricity.

Benefits of Jayco Redhawk

Benefits of Jayco Redhawk

Each Class C motorhome has features you should consider before making your purchase. There are benefits to purchasing each motorhome that you need to understand to pick the best option for your lifestyle.

Different people require different types of motorhomes during their travels, and our list of Jayco Redhawk benefits can help you decide.

1. Affordable


When you look between the Jayco Redhawk and the Greyhawk, you’ll notice that there is a steep price difference. The red hawk model is significantly more affordable, which will sway people who are on a budget.

Jayco uses cheaper materials on their Redhawk model, which makes it a better option for people looking for an affordable RV. Affordability is a huge concern for people regarding motorhomes because they can get extremely expensive.

Most people pay on their motor homes for years, so you’ll need to find one that’s within your monthly budget. Exceeding your monthly budget can cause huge financial concerns while you travel, especially if you encounter RV problems.

2. Reliable

The Jayco red hawk is a reliable Class C motorhome that you can bring with you on camping trips or live in if you’re a nomad. Due to their reliability, Jayco has a strong reputation among RV enthusiasts who spend plenty of time on the road.

Whether you’re a full-time RV driver or only like to use your recreational vehicle part-time, you can enjoy the Jayco red hawk. You’ll save more money when you purchase a reliable RV because you won’t have to take it to the shop as often.

You also don’t have to worry about roadside assistance as often when you purchase from a reliable retailer. The last thing you should worry about when you purchase an RV is getting stranded in the middle of nowhere.

3. Reputable Brand

Reputable Brand

Jacob brand RVs are extremely reputable, and you can pick different types. People have relied on Jayco RVs for years, and they don’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. Purchasing an RV from a reputable brand is a great way to ensure that it has the longevity you’d need.

Longevity is important in motorhome ownership because you’ll be paying on this loan for around 15 years. It’s not quite a standard home loan, but it’s much longer than a standard automobile loan. You should always purchase from a reputable brand when you pay for something for 15 years.

4. Popular Floorplan

Popular Floorplan

All Jayco Class C motorhomes have a popular floor plan that many people enjoy. You can expect an open floor plan that allows you to travel from one space to another easily. You can also expect more privacy when you choose this popular floor plan than you would with other models of RVs.

Unfortunately, you can’t change the floor layout of your RV, so you should always choose the one you enjoy. Many people enjoy the Jayco Redhawk floor plan, and we suspect you’ll also enjoy it. It would be best to step inside your Jayco Redhawk before purchasing to ensure you’re satisfied with the layout.

Benefits of Jayco Greyhawk

Benefits of Jayco Greyhawk

The Jayco Greyhawk is popular because it offers a more luxurious feel than the Redhawk. This option is also made with durable materials, so you don’t have to worry about weather damage as much as you would with cheaper Class C motorhomes.

Below, we will detail the benefits of choosing the Jayco Greyhawk over competing Class C motorhomes.

1. Great For Families

Great For Families

Staying in your camper with your family can be troublesome if you don’t have enough air conditioning units to satisfy everybody. Eventually, your body heat will accumulate together and make you uncomfortable during the summer.

Fortunately, when you purchase a Jayco Greyhawk, you can install an additional air conditioner so everybody can remain comfortable. Summer is one of the most popular types for families to travel together because children are away from school and there’s tons of activities to do in the summer.

However, you want a relaxing place to rest at the end of your busy summer day. Purchasing multiple air conditioner units can maximize your comfort when a family shares a space.

2. Comfortable


The Jayco Greyhawk offers plenty of room and comfort for your entire family. For example, it offers a separate bedroom away from the rest of the floor plan so you can have privacy away from others. Many people feel they don’t have enough privacy when purchasing a motorhome for travel, especially while traveling with others.

Your comfort is extremely important when traveling because you don’t know how long you’ll be away from home. Staying in a comfortable Class C motorhome is a great way to increase your mood and enjoy your vacation. Staying in a motorhome that doesn’t offer as many comfort features can wear you out.

3. Durable in All Weather

Durable in All Weather

If you’re a full-time RV enthusiast, it would be best to purchase the Jayco Greyhawk because it can withstand all weather conditions. For example, if you’re traveling during winter, you may encounter a hailstorm that can damage the Redhawk’s roof.

However, the great hawk has a fiberglass roof that’s much more durable than the other model. When you purchase the Greyhawk, you don’t have to worry about roof maintenance as often as you would the red hawk. Fiberglass roofs are much easier to clean and maintain than rubber.

The durable roofing system contributes a lot to the heftier Greyhawk price. When you purchase an RV that can withstand multiple weather situations, there’s no limit on your travels.

How to Select Your RV

Before you select your Class C motorhome, you should consider some things. Otherwise, you could get stuck making payments on a motorhome that doesn’t suit your lifestyle.

  • Choose a motorhome that offers plenty of room: When you load up your RV, you must ensure enough room to accommodate your travel supplies. For example, you must bring multiple outfits and utensils on vacation. You should also bring a few comfort items to keep yourself entertained on a lazy day.
  • Consider how many people you take with you on vacation: If you bring the whole family along with you on an RV trip, you’ll want more comfortable accommodations. Traveling with multiple people in an RV can be frustrating if you don’t have comfort.
  • Decide which type of fuel you prefer: You can choose either a gasoline or diesel RV, depending on your preferences.
  • Consider renting a few different models of RV before purchasing: Sometimes, you don’t know which RV floor plan works best with your lifestyle until you try a few different models. The best way to try these out is to rent them, so you’re confident about your purchase.
  • Decide whether you want a used or new RV: Choosing a used RV can be more affordable than choosing a new option, but you might encounter more mechanical issues. Figure out your budget to choose the right RV for your situation.

Grayhawk options are both fantastic

Selecting your RV can take trial and error, so we recommend renting before buying. However, the Jayco Redhawk and Grayhawk options are both fantastic.

Final Thoughts

Class C motorhomes are some of the most popular RVs worldwide. The Jayco red hawk and Greyhawk are excellent Class C motorhomes for your next road trip. If you bring multiple people with you on vacation, you may prefer the Greyhawk. However, if you want to save money, you may prefer the Redhawk.

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