How To Jack Up A Dual Axle Travel Trailer?

how to jack up a dual axle travel trailer
how to jack up a dual axle travel trailer

Trailers, motorhomes, and recreational vehicles are blessing for people who enjoy going out for trips. These can either be for camping or even hiking.

The trailers allow users to have enough place to store all of their luggage and have a place to sleep in. Some trailers and campers even have kitchens that you can use to cook in.

This means that you no longer have to survive on snacks while you are out. Although, these vehicles require users to have another vehicle that can pull these.

Campers and trailers cannot be driven on their own. Aside from this, you must keep these stable when going on highways. This can be used by using jacks on your trailer.

Travel Trailer Jacks

There are many different types of jacks that you can use on your vehicle. These provide different features and the procedure to set them up variates. However, the main purpose for all of them is the same.

All the jacks are made to keep your trailers stable when going out on trips. This makes it easier for users to drive around and have an enjoyable experience. You can even make a tight turn without much trouble if your hitches and jacks are set up correctly.

How to Jack Up A Dual Axle Travel Trailer

One of the most used jacks is dual axle ones. If you are interested in using them then you should note that there are some important steps that you need to go through. These will help you in installing the device safely. Being prepared from the start also help in installing them without much trouble.

  • Park your vehicle on the plane road to start with the procedure. If you are driving on the road then you should park your trailer on the side so that traffic can be avoided.
  • Use a tire ramp to lift your trailer. It is important to note that you position them in the best spot to avoid using too much pressure. Although, you will still be required to use some energy.
  • If you are having trouble trying to position the ramp with the tires, then one recommendation is to move your vehicle by removing the handbrake. However, once it is in position, you can then proceed to put up the handbrakes to avoid the vehicle from moving further.
  • Now proceed to remove the nuts from your tire and store them in a safe location. This can be in either your storage compartment or your pockets.
  • You can now finally remove the tire and install the spare on using the nuts that you removed. Make sure that all the screws are put in tightly. This will ensure that the tires do not come loose while you are driving.
  • One thing to remember is that you should check your spare tires before installing them. In some cases, the pressure on them can also be running low. If that is the case then you can fill the air back in them using a pump.

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